Nikon D3500 Digital SLR Camera
Nikon D3500

Nikon D3500 is here, and in my opinion this is the best, and I mean the best DSLR starter kit on the market right now. 

simply because of what this camera offers in the price point.


Excellent image quality
An impressive battery life of 1550 shots
Useful guide mode
Built-in DSLR camera
Easy to use


No 4K video
There is no touch screen control
Bluetooth, but no Wi-Fi

Nikon D3500 Specs

Sensor24.2MP APS-C CMOS
Lens mountNikon F
Screen3.0-inch fixed display, 921,000 dots
Burst shooting5fps
Autofocus11-point AF
VideoFull HD 1080p
Battery life1,550 shots
Weight415g (with battery and card)
Specifications Table

Nikon D3500 Design

The Nikon D3500 specifications have changed slightly from the D3400, as the design of this release has undergone some comprehensive reform, but the new camera is closely and directly related to the D5600 in terms of aesthetics and looks.

A noticeable change in the new version is the handle now that is more robust when picking the D3500 up.

 As it should make the camera fit comfortably in the hand when in use, the grip is also more balanced and better when shooting with taller and / or heavier lenses.

Shooting Speed

Camera Shooting Speed

it does 5 frames per second in photo mode, now that’s nothing to write home about.

but that is a pretty adequate photo speed for things like birthday parties, vacation, you know maybe trying to get your dog like you’re not gonna be able to do sports photography or anything super serious with this.

But that is a very very respectable shooting speed, so kudos to this camera however one thing that i just quickly want to point out is that after those 5 frames per second.

it’s gonna need about roughly 18 to 20 seconds based on my testing of buffer time to kind of until it’s ready to shoot again. 

so again this is not something you want to use for moments where, it’s like it’s to happen once and it’s gone. 

this camera where you want to use the 5 frames per second very sparingly like oh i need to get that as fast moving. but other than that this is really a single chick sound slow camera.


Video Mode in D3500

the video in this camera does 1080p at 23, 30 and 60 frames per second, so you can get a bit of slow-motion out of this camera.

however the video in this camera is really nothing to write home about, it’s not bad in any way, but it’s just very vanilla video. 

It doesn’t have a superb autofocus system like the sony cameras do for video does. 

it has superb slow motion, does it have any colour profiles, it doesn’t just doesn’t really have anything particularly special about the video. 

it’s kind of just there to appease the customer, so if you’re just someone that’s mostly taking photos every now and then you’re like yeah I’ll take a little video clip this cameras great. 

but if you’re someone that wants to make really cinematic work, or if you want to perm dominantly use this for video. 

this is not the camera for you, but considering the very very affordable price point.

Nikon D3500 Auto-Focus

This camera is 11 points of autofocus which is very respectable considering this price point. 

and also its direct competitor the canon t7 only has nine, and now those two points. 

and autofocus are not going to change anyone’s life. but it’s just nice to know you’re getting a good deal, and as for the actual autofocus in this camera it’s very good. 

Nikon is predominantly a photo company and so because of that they have a very very good auto focusing system. 

i would actually say they have the second best auto focusing system in the industry right after sony. 

i would definitely say Nikon has a better autofocus system than Canon direct competitor. 

having an autofocus system that’s very reliable on a camera like this is great.

Guide Mode

Nikon D3500 Guide Mode

this camera comes with a guide mode and i love this guide mode. and big thanks to that guide mode, i kind of like to call it a kids mode. 

it’s so easy to figure out how to use this camera. so if you’re someone that’s buying it for their mom or their parents.

we’re buying you for a partner, or just like even for yourself, and you’re like i really don’t want to have to deal with the struggles of learning a camera. 

This camera makes it super easy, and uses language that is really easy to understand. 

it doesn’t talk about aperture and bokeh, it just asked you would you like a fuzzy background. 

if so choose this setting, would you like a blurry background or would you like a sharp background use this. 

if you want your image to be brighter use this option here. it’s super easy to use that guide mode.

Nikon D3500 Lens

Best Nikon D3500 Lens

This camera comes with an 18 to 55 millimeter interchangeable lens, which means you can take it off. 

and you have the opportunity to grow your lens collection, get cooler lenses, more fun lenses, lenses that let you shoot further. 

overall this is nice to have in this price point with an interchangeable lens system. 

usually at this price point you can only really get a compact which has a fixed lens on it. 

and as for the actual lens it’s a very very good lens, I’m actually really surprised by the quality of this lens considering it’s $100. 

Now it’s not like the greatest lens ever but for $100 this totally beats the Canon lens that you get with a Canon camera which is an 18 to 55 as well.

and that’s just like a completely trash lens, it’s plastic, it breaks i don’t ever recommend anybody buy that lens. 

but this lens really impressed by the quality, has a locking system on it, and has a nice grippy feel to it.

Scroll Wheel

The focus wheel is nice and fluid and actually really feels good to change manual focus. so if you do plan to use this camera for focusing in video, this is actually a fun focus system. and just overall this is a really good lens, i really like using it

Nikon D3500 Low Light

The camera itself is good up to 6400 ISO with noise reduction, and 3200 just totally fine, clean and good to go. 

however the lens really is made for low-light. the lens is 3.5 at its fastest in a 5.6 at its lowest. 

Now if you’re not a techy and you don’t know what that means it just kind of says,

the lens isn’t good for low-light because it does not let in a lot of lights. 

What you want is a lens with a faster aperture, and what I always recommend for low-light photography is the sigma 18 to 35, it’s a great lens. 

it’s a 1.8 constant at any end of the lens, and it’s just an overall beautiful, super sharp lens.

Nikon D3500 Performance

It has a twenty four point two megapixel aps-c sensor, and now that sensor is impressive,

because Canon’s competitor camera which is the t7 has a twenty four point two megapixel sensor. 

but that camera is seven hundred dollars, so for half the price you get this pretty much a comparable sensor, that’s really impressive.

it goes from one hundred and twenty five thousand six hundred now,

but it’s actually not that great of an ISO, because twenty five thousand six hundred on this camera looks like trash. 

It’s super noisy, it’s simply unusable, and this camera is really only good up to 4200 or 6400, and 6400 is usable with a little bit of noise reduction. 

but this camera i would really say 3200 hundred is a sweet spot. but considering the price again that’s a really good deal.

This camera is really made for people that are like amateurs, very new to cameras.

It’s kind of learning the ropes starting out and to have a very reliable camera with a very reliable autofocus system is perfect for them.

because when you’re new to cameras you don’t really understand focusing,

you don’t really want to futz around with that stuff you don’t really get aperture and all that. 

so you just get a camera that has a really good auto focusing system, and just roll with it.



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