Nikon is a multinational company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and is a world leader in optics and photography with our innovative products.

 Including cameras, binoculars, microscopes and measurement tools,

along with optical techniques applied in various fields such as medicine and optics. The brand has been available in Kuwait for more than 20 years.

About Nikon

After being founded in 1917 under the name of Nippon Kujaku Kogyo Kabushikijisha, i.e. Japan Optical Industries,

 She has been running her business under Niko since 1988 after making great strides in innovation to support our camera industry.

For more than 90 years, we have set eyes on exceeding consumer expectations by manufacturing products that meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

 Whether by skilled manpower or using the latest technology, our pioneering expertise lies at the heart of every Nikon product.

 As a global citizen with a great deal of commitment, the Nikon Group of Companies supports a wide range of internal and external projects in all areas of corporate social responsibility with our core approach founded on Nikon’s corporate philosophy that states “trustworthiness and creativity.”

The Nikon COOLPIX B1000 has the world’s highest telephoto camera

Reports indicate that even with the Nikon Mirrorless camera adapter expected to be released in conjunction with the camera,

 Users will face some issues regarding the compatibility of old lenses with the new camera, especially since the usual F-Mount port has been developing since 1959.

And there are conflicting sayings about this,

as some say to indicate that the adapter may provide different compatibility capabilities through which it can support the networking of many old lenses with the new Nikon Mirrorless camera.

 This may be good news for those who have invested heavily in a number of old Nikon lenses and will purchase the new camera.

The new Z Lens Mount lens port

The new Nikon lenses,

which we will talk about later, will work with the new Nikon Z7 and Z6 cameras through the Z Lens Mount port,

which is supposed to “redefine the possibilities,” the company said to raise the power and efficiency of Nikon cameras over the coming years.

The new Z Mount port relies on an internal frame with a diameter of 55 mm and a focal distance of 16 mm that allows one to reduce the thickness of the camera body on the one hand and reach a sensor aperture of f / 0.95,

 The new port also allows increasing the possibilities of clamping other lenses that could not be used before via the previous F Mount port.

The company also confirmed that all F Mount port lenses will be compatible with cameras supporting the Z Mount port by using the new FTZ Mount lens adapter as well.

New Nikon Lenses Nikkor Z Lenses
Nikon unveiled three new lenses called Nikkor Z Lenses The new Nikon lenses feature a number of features, the most prominent of which is the support of lenses with nano-crystal coating,

which is among the features that make the new lenses compatible with rates of quality and efficiency did not reach the Nikon lenses before.

The new lenses are also fully enclosed, which includes moving elements as well, and are resistant to dust, dust and water droplets.

Nikon introduces the Nikon D760 with a full-frame sensor mid-2019

During 2018 Nikon unveiled its first full-frame sensor camera in the Mirrorless category when it officially announced Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7 cameras,

 With the announcement of the new cameras, the frequency of reports that the company intends to stop developing the same DSLR sensor cameras has increased.

But now talk of the upcoming Nikon D760 camera was able to refute all previous reports.

The new Nikon Lenses are a great addition to the Nikon Z Series

Before the 2018 cameras were announced, Nikon had full-frame sensor cameras only in the DSLR category,

The last of which was the D750 which appeared four years ago,

and before that, specifically in 2013,

the cheapest Nikon D610 cameras were revealed.

 Since 2014, fans of the ancient company have waited for the launch of a new camera belonging to this category,

which was not done before the emergence of new reports about Nikon D760, the new update for this category cameras,

which is expected to be released during 2019.

Over the past few days,

a report has been published indicating that Nikon will finally announce a new camera that represents an update for the D750 with the indication that the new camera with a full-frame sensor from the category DSLR will bear the name Nikon D760

and the report indicated that the new camera will be announced at the beginning of 2019 It should start reaching the markets during the second half of the same year.


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