Nintendo Switch vs Switch Lite
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Nintendo Switch vs Switch Lite – Nintendo Switch is a great gaming system, as it has proven its presence and position in the market,

Although it is not as powerful as the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, but it has a tablet design that allows you to easily switch between using it as a home console whether you are connected to the TV,

or as a handheld game console With Joy-Con controllers connected to it.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the Switch’s little brother, which comes with some differences

as it ditches the main console mode for a slimmer design and a lower price tag.

So stay with us to know the similarities and differences between Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch vs Switch Lite: Price

The Nintendo Switch was launched in March 2017, and is available with Neon Red

and Neon Blue or Gray Joy-Con consoles, and it costs $ 299.99 and £ 279.99.

The Nintendo Switch Lite was release on September 20, 2019, at $ 199.99 / £ 199.99 / AU $ 329.95.

Nintendo Switch vs Switch Lite: Design 

Nintendo Switch : The design features rectangles blended with some of the softer curves, all made of matte plastic,

and the back side and the back contain three USB ports for connecting accessories and an HDMI output for connecting a monitor or TV.

Nintendo Switch Lite : It is an extremely lightweight handheld device, measuring 91.1 mm x 208 mm x 13.9 mm and weighs 275g.

Nintendo Switch vs Switch Lite: Display

Nintendo Switch : It has an integrated 720p LCD touchscreen, with processing processed by Nvidia’s dedicated Tegra CPU.

Nintendo Switch Lite : It comes with a small 5.5-inch LCD touchscreen with only 1280 x 720 pixels, with a pixel density of 267 pixels per inch (ppi), but small in-game graffiti was sometimes difficult to read on the smaller screen.


Nintendo Switch : You can use the device as two halves from a single gamepad, or run them either side to use as separate consoles,

and there is HD Rumble in the Joy-Cons for in-game feedback, along with an accelerometer and gyroscope to control movement in each of the Joy-Cons.

There is also a Joy-Con Grip to move each of the controllers into a more familiar gamepad look.

The battery lasts about 2.5 and 6.5 hours, according to Nintendo’s own estimates.

Nintendo Switch Lite : It is more portable, fits comfortably in your hands,

and comes with integrated controls instead of the Joy-Cons, in addition to the D-Pad or Plus Control Pad.

It also supports wireless connectivity, and bluetooth with the use of MicroSD cards to increase the internal storage capacity of 32 GB.


Nintendo Switch : Games come in either physical game cards or games downloaded from the Nintendo eShop,

and there is an internal storage capacity of 32 GB to store various games,

which is enough for a few games. But if you want a large library,

you’ll either need to take advantage of the microSDHC or microSDXC card slot.

Among the games available are The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, the fighting game Super Smash Bros.

Ultimate, monster hunting RPG Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

Nintendo Switch Lite : It has a very impressive performance with a slightly longer battery life of 3-7 hours,

and the device is designed for mobile games only, you will have to connect the Joy-Cons wirelessly for it to work.

The following games not suitable for the device are Super Mario Party and Nintendo Labo.


Nintendo Switch : The device is characterized by the build quality and the exclusive gaming privileges corresponding to the company,

in addition to having one of the largest third-party game libraries ever,

it is one of the best portable gaming devices that you can buy.

Nintendo Switch Lite : The controller is ideal for those who prefer comfortable mobile games, and it comes with a very compact and light design.

It is easier to transport, takes less elbow space while on the move, and fits more comfortably in your hands.

However, it focuses on single-player and mobile play, and the number of games

compatible with the device is slightly less than the original Switch.

Nintendo Buying Link Price Store
Nintendo Switch Check Price $318.98 Amazon
Switch Lite Check Price $198.97 Amazon


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