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lately, I got the Nordgreen Pioneer to watch for the review. I love wristwatches; they return me to when things were more straightforward. At the point when you purchase a simple watch, you should simply remove it from the container, set the time, and put it on your wrist.

No compelling reason to charge it first, interface Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or acknowledge any agreements. You wear it and appreciate it. Basic. 

Also, they are rich too. There is only something about a simple watch that looks more tasteful than an advanced watch. You can wear it to school, the workplace, or a dark-tie occasion should the need emerge.

It would look proper in any of those circumstances. Thus, how about we take a gander at the Nordgreen Pioneer watch and perceive how it piles facing the computerized rivalry.

Nordgreen Pioneer Watch Specs

  • Case Thickness 11.9mm
  • Case Width 42mm
  • Dial Colors Available White/Black/Navy
  • Case Material 316L Stainless Steel
  • Case Colors Available Silver/Rose Gold/Gun Metal
  • Crystal Domed Sapphire Crystal
  • Movement Japanese Quartz
  • Strap Width 20mm
  • Strap Materials Available Rubber/Leather/Vegan Leather/Metal Links/Metal Mesh/Nylon
  • Interchangeable Straps Yes
  • Water Resistant Up to 5ATM (Rain Resistant)


The Nordgreen Pioneer watch that I requested is a 42mm chronograph with a white dial. Firearm metal case, and an earthy-colored vegetarian calfskin tie. Ordinarily, a watch will feel too light or too weighty on the wrist. Not really with the Nordgreen Pioneer.

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The case has an exceptionally strong feel to it and is the perfect load for my loving. The Nordgreen Pioneer Watch has the beginning/pause and resets pusher buttons on the right side. I utilized the chronograph work a few times, and it turned out great. The reset consistently took the hands directly back to the beginning position.

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Face Design

The face I requested is white with silver hands and markers. The bezel is exceptionally limit. Giving the watch an extremely smooth look, and it has an extremely strong inclination domed gem. And keeping in mind that the Nordgreen Pioneer is a chronograph, it actually figures out how to make a special design. Most chronographs that.

Nordgreen Pioneer Watch Face Design
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I have seen have turning bezels, bunches of numbers, and by and large look exceptionally occupied and jumbled. Not really the Nordgreen Pioneer. The bezel is extremely thin, the face looks spotless and straightforward, and the markers are altogether exceptionally unobtrusive.

The main number on the face is the date. All that makes this watch exceptionally flexible. Relaxed or formal, it handles them both similarly well. The main drawback with the face is that the markers are tiny. Along these lines, either try to wear your understanding glasses or have great vision.

Lash Design

The veggie lover lash that I requested is milder to the touch than any normal calfskin tie that I have utilized at any point ever. This adds to the general solace of wearing the Nordgreen Pioneer watch for significant stretches.

I have just been wearing the watch for about seven days, thus far, the tie is holding up fine and dandy. The truth will surface eventually how it holds up over the long haul. Obviously, supplanting ties is typically simple and reasonable, so I don’t predict any issues there.

Every one of Nordgreen’s watches is profoundly configurable, and you can arrange one as you would prefer. You can arrange a naval force, dark or white face.

The case comes in different completions, and there are various ties you can look over. You can even make packages that accompany more lashes should you need to change the look.

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With regards to the presentation of a simple watch like the Nordgreen Pioneer, there are a couple of things that we need to zero in on.

To begin with, how well does it keep time? Also, second, how well is the watch assembled? I tried the Nordgreen Pioneer utilizing a watch precision application since I don’t approach a time graph.

I kept the watch immaculate, on a level plane, and away from any attractive hotspots for three days. 

At the point when I actually look at the precision, it had lost just 2 seconds in those three days. Obviously, I am depending on the application’s precision, so this was truly an informal test by an undeveloped watch authority.

Yet at the same time, there didn’t appear to be any critical misfortune or gain of time in the week. That I was evaluating the Nordgreen Pioneer. The put-togetherness of the Nordgreen Pioneer is exceptionally exact and lovely.

The pusher buttons have a pleasant strong feel and give firm, good input when actuated. The case is weighted perfectly and has a smooth, cleaned finish. The domed gem is presumably my main thing from the watch.

It feels strong and looks fabulous. I did inadvertently hit the gem against a door handle before. I had the option to take the photos for this article. Causing me a deep sense of help, the watch remained absolutely solid.

Nordgreen Pioneer Watch Verdict

In case you are on the lookout for a simple watch, perhaps you should check out the Nordgreen Pioneer. It is an incredible-looking, firmly fabricated watch that considers loads of personalization. With its smooth look, it will squeeze into any circumstance that you decide to wear it to. It’s a trendy, simple option for a smartwatch.

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