Pixel 5
Pixel 5

The new Pixel 5 phone carries with it a very impressive feature,

as it is considered one of the many smartphones that offer reverse wireless charging.

But not only that, but Google has done something especially smart for its product,

as whenever you connect the USB-C cable, the Pixel 5 will automatically operate the wireless charging feature,

and it will effectively and positively convert to a Qi charging pad,

as 9to5Google spotted, that’s really cool By all accounts.

Google has innovated and acted very smartly in how it handles the new automatic feature,

as according to a support document, Battery Share will only run for a short time.

If it is detected that the phone has been placed on another Qi-compatible device on top to charge it,

it will work completely as usual, otherwise the second option will be that “battery sharing” will be turned off automatically.

But despite that, you can use reverse wireless charging if you want to share power when your phone is not connected,

as you will still be able to activate Battery Share manually if you want at any time,

for example if you are away from the charger,

by going to Settings and then accessing the battery Then Battery Share

or add the Battery Share toggle button to the Quick Settings dropdown menu.

The Pixel 5’s automatic reverse wireless charging feature is especially smart.


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