Oddict TWIG Wireless Earbuds
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TWS earbud designs range a couple of various looks, AirPod style being one of them. The Oddict TWIG follows this equivalent sort of design. This style has typically involved a stick and a hard plastic ear tip.

On an individual level. I never enjoy this design type on the grounds that the majority of these hard-tipped earbuds are truly awkward in my ear. There are different reasons also, including the absence of clamor disengagement. However, it is astonishinging that the Oddict TWIG TWS earbuds were for the most part. Genuinely agreeable contrasted with other earbuds of a similar design. So read on for my full survey of the Oddict TWIC TWS earbuds.


Ear Tips: Comfort tips made of silicone
Charging:Quick Charge and wireless charging
Dimensions: 2.31 x 2.31 x 0.89 inches
Weight:1.83 ounces
Features:Touch ControlsIPX4 water and sweat resistanceEQ app included

Oddict TWIG Design

We should get the design area going with the Oddict TWIG charging case. It is, by a long shot, one of the more extraordinary designs I’ve seen. It’s around a similar size as some other charging cases. Yet is forming like a hockey puck with its midriff squeezed in. Around the abdomen. You’ll discover the USB-C port for charging, four LED lights that show how much squeeze is left, and a button to enact the LEDs. 

Oddict TWIG Earbuds Review
(Image Credit: oddictofficial.com)

Remote charging is additionally implicit, and the curl is existing on the lower part of the charging case. The case top flips up to uncover the Oddict TWIG earbuds inside. The case looks adequately decent, yet it feels somewhat efficiently made. I am stressing over a harsh dump taking this thing out. 

The Oddict TWIG earbuds themselves come in this stunning aluminum dim shading with dark ear tips. I wouldn’t call these ear tips your conventional ear tips. These ear tips essentially cover the unbending plastic part of the TWIG earbuds, making them more agreeable. 

That has consistently been one of my protests about these designs; the hard ear tips are awkward. Fortunately, Oddict made them much more tolerable and alright with the incorporation of these silicone ear tips. 

The remainder of the Oddict TWIG earbuds is reading material stem-style earbud designs. I realize numerous clients love this style, it’s not my top choice, but rather I can comprehend and acknowledge many individuals love this design.

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Oddict TWIG Sound

The soundstage the Oddict TWIG earbuds produces without the application is somewhat meager. The application’s EQ includes assists with thickening up the sound, which altogether makes a difference. 

Whenever you’re finished tweaking the EQ and are content with your settings, the sound is in reality awesome. The manner in which I set my EQ supported the bass and mids just somewhat however kept the highs set up. There are likewise a couple presets to browse, similar to Jazz, EDM, Pop, and Classic. 

Oddict TWIG Wireless Earbuds Design and Sound
(Image Credit: oddictofficial.com)

One issue I’ve had with these stem-style earbuds is aloof commotion dropping. Or then again the absence of it. The Oddict TWIG earbuds are somewhat better at detached clamor retraction due to the silicone ear tips, however, these absolutely won’t shut out encompassing commotions. While I needn’t bother with ANC constantly, I do like my earbuds to inactively shut out my environmental elements. 

Obviously, numerous clients love stem-style earbuds in light of the fact that they permit a tad of the rest of the world to come in. So this grievance may not be a worry for some of you out there. 

Generally, the soundstage is genuinely acceptable once you have things EQ’ed in the manner in which you need inside the application. Actually, I’m not very enamored with the absence of latent commotion abrogation.

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The Oddict TWIG battery life isn’t the top tier. We got a normal of 4-hours before they expected to get returned to the case to re-energize. This shouldn’t be a gigantic arrangement for the people who tune in for a couple of hours and enjoy some time off. However, for the people who sit with earbuds in for over 4-hours all at once, this may be an issue. 

Generally, other earbuds have preferable battery life over this. You do get more battery with the case, and in case you’re just going 2 or 3-hours all at once and can re-energize them for the situation. All things considered, then, at that point, you ought to be fine.

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The application is for using the Oddict TWIG earbuds, however, you should change it on the off chance that you don’t care for the default EQ. The application will request area authorizations so you can utilize the discover include. You can quit that element, yet your find earbuds highlight will not work, then, at that point. 

The application is for firmware updates, and you can name your Oddict TWIG whatever you like. The EQ settings aren’t your customary sliders. All things considering, you’re given around cushion-like control. Inside this circle, you can go from left to right and here and there. There are four spaces of sound tone, Warm, Hard, Soft, and Cold. 

The application’s design is somewhat obsolete. Its UI and UX feel somewhat inconvenient and could utilize a redesign. It doesn’t coordinate with the look and feel of the Oddict TWIG earbuds. Generally, the application isn’t awesome, however, it’s not terrible by the same token. Be that as it may, you will require it assuming you need to EQ your buds.

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The Oddict TWIG earbuds are the most agreeable stem-style earbuds I’ve at any time ever. In any case, I’m as yet not a devotee of this plan. That, obviously, is massively something individual. The sound is acceptable after you change the EQ, however the charging case feels modest. In my assessment, the TWIG’s need more to make me need really to get them.

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