Oppo Watch

Oppo watch is available in two varieties: a 41 millimeter one, and a 46 millimeter one. so the oppo watch is clear and very much inspired by the apple watch, but there’s more to this what’s up. 


Elegant design
fantastic show
It works smoothly


The battery life is poor
Unoriginal design
Wear OS remains limited

Oppo Watch Specs

46mm: 6000-series aluminum alloy, plastic and ceramic backplate; 41mm: same aluminum body, plastic-only backplate

46mm/41mm: 1.91/1.6-inch rectangular 3D flexible AMOLED screen; 72.76/65.22% screen-to-body ratio; 402×476/320×360 px; 326/301 ppi
ChipsetSnapdragon Wear 3100 Platform + Ambiq Micro Apollo 3
Memory1GB RAM + 8GB storage
Battery430mAh or 300mAh
SoftwareWear OS
ConnectivityBluetooth v4.2 + BLE, NFC, Wi-Fi b/g/n; LTE available on 46mm model


Oppo Watch Design

Apart from the display, the rest of the design is premium too. 

The frame here is aluminium alloy and on the left you have these speakers

and on the right you get these buttons. The one with the green accent works is the power button as well as a shortcut key, that you can customize for anything. 

the key on the top brings up the app drawer, and also takes you home when you need it. 

The bottom is plastic with a nice finish, and the doom where the heart rate sensor is ceramic. 

Now this design is 580m water resistant, so you can take it for a swim, workouts, basically anything else, and it should be fine.


for these bands, these are oppo whatever calls plural rubber, which i think is a fancy term for just silicone bands, but these feel high quality and nice. 

When it comes to comfort i have been wearing this watch for the past two days continuously, and i haven’t come across any issues. 

The band is soft enough and the watch is fairly lightweight around 40 grams. so it’s very comfortable to use. 


Oppo Watch Display Setting

oppo watch has a beautiful display, this is a 1.91 inch dual curved amoled display. 

and it’s honestly right up, there’s one of the great smartwatch displays I’ve ever used. 

it’s bright, the Black’s amazing, it’s punchy and high pixel count means it’s sharp all around. 

it’s just a beautiful display and the curves make it look even better. i also like the fact that it’s very responsive which is a problem with some of the smartwatch displays

as for the settings there’s the brightness settings, which you can set to auto. 

but there’s one thing that i miss and that’s an always on display feature, that would have made things perfect. 

there’s the lift to wake until tweak gestures that are fast.

Battery Life

 Regarding battery life, through our battery life test, the Oppo Watch can last for two days on one charge only, but that is if it is used to the maximum (meaning with notifications turned on and using its smart features constantly)

There is also a “battery saver mode” feature that displays only the time and tracks the heart rate and steps, and this mode lasts for about 21 days. It’s impressive that the watch can still track your heart rate in this mode.

The OPPO watch is charged by a special magnetic charger included in the box.


software the oppo watch has vros obviously but there are a few oppo optimizations that make the overall experience really good. 

I mean first of all this is the first time I’m using a square ware os watch, but i think the experience is much better, because there’s a lot more screen state. 

anyway the wear os experience is nice, there are the gestures which feel great on the curved display. 

i can press hold to see the different watch faces, i can swipe down to get the quick toggles. 

swipe up to see the notifications, swipe right for the google assistant, and swipe left to go through the different tiles with important details.

There’s daily activity which shows me my steps, workout time and more. 

there’s also the heart rate details, my sleep details, weather and more. obviously i can customize these styles, so that’s good. 


Oppo Watch App

There’s also the app drawer here, and it looks pretty nice, also there are some interesting apps. 

the workout app that requires fitness runs, fat burn runs, auto walk cycling and swimming. 

it was an interesting five minute workout app, which is interesting for people like me because five minutes seems the average amount of time for my workouts.

also an app for guided breathing exercises which should be pretty handy for people. 

Apart from these are the other usual apps like Google fit, play store, reminders, alarms time or stopwatch.


The modern, sleek design, Oppo Watch is one of the first smartwatches to run a forked version of Wear OS, and that includes color OS customizations on top. It’s done smartly as well, letting the basics work fine, and changing features that only you could do with a facelift.

And those features that we talked about appear in two places, the first is in the notifications shade at the top, which borrows the color scheme and icons from the name of Oppo for smartphones, and the second: the app drawer.

There is a Wear OS that is very useful for beginners. The screen on the left is for Google Assistant and Discover, and swipe up to show current notifications, and swipe to the right for tools.

The clock includes quick keys at the top where it has all the basics like volume profiles, locking, theater mode, flashlight mode, find my phone, and brightness control.



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