People claim $ 5,000 RTX 3080 graphics cards from Amazon stores

The launch of RTX 3080 Amazon graphics cards last week wreaked havoc,

and yet Nvidia is still skipping the fallout by following its public apology earlier today.

The repercussions of selling graphics cards within minutes at every American retailer are pretty much a big deal,

as that is the limit supply that still exists and third-party vendor sites still promote it in increasingly obnoxious and inappropriate fashion.

That includes most Amazon Marketplace sellers, who now notify buyers

and are interested in those units available at hefty prices like $ 5,000 per card.

Unfortunately, this is not a sin to blame by Amazon,

as this mistake is due to a phishing and exploitation act on behalf of the Amazon sellers of unconnected third parties,

some of whom abuse the notifications system built into the e-commerce system

and have no intention of sabotaging the company’s reputation.

Amazon application users can set some alerts for some products

listed as not currently available by clicking on the “Send an email to me” option on the product page.

And if the seller notices a re-listing of any product, an email from Amazon

will arrive in your inbox informing you of the “deal”. “

However, many people are unlikely to expect to receive emails informing them that one is available from a company they have never approached for, for example, the price of a used car.

And every listing, with the exception of PNY, on the official Nvidia RTX 3080

product page on Amazon is written as unavailable without any price information whatsoever.

So it is only natural to click on the “email me” option in any of them would be reasonable for interested consumers.

Likewise, on eBay, the initial amazon rtx 3080 graphics cards orders were pouring in thousands of dollars after the launch of sales last week.

In an apparent attempt to take revenge on the speculators who are not interested in the company’s interest.

This led some eBay app users to list “paper versions” of the Nvidia RTX 3080,

which print pieces of paper displaying the GPU image,

and this list ending here had one for $ 472, although it looks like it never sold. .

But even so there are a lot of amazon rtx 3080 listings that seem original on eBay,

hundreds of dollars higher than the MSRP,

and while Nvidia treats the situation with more retailers’ inventory, its hot new GPU will still have trouble.

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