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Is your iPhone or iPad running out of extra room? Or do you need a simple way (PNY Duo Link OTG) of moving documents and to and from your iPhone/iPad to your PC? The PNY DUO LINK is an ablaze drive with an inherent lightning connector. And a USB-A connector so it can plug into your Apple gadget and your PC. It can even be utilized as a charging link.

PNY Duo Link OTG Specs

  • Free up space on your Android smartphone and tablet by transferring videos, photos, and more to PNY Duo Link OTG
  • USB Type-C 3.1 connector is compatible with the latest Android smartphones and tablets.
  • USB Type-A 3.1 connector is compatible with PC and Mac computers, laptops, Ultrabooks, printers, and more.
  • Up to 130MB/s transfer speed so that you spend more time making new memories.
  • Sliding design protects Type-C and Type-A connectors when not in use.


From the beginning, there’s very little to the PNY Duo Link OTG USB Flash Drive. Dark in shading, it resembles a compact USB drive without the USB connector standing out. The highest point of the drive has a jewel-molded surface to it.

On one of the adjusted corners are two little openings. Which you could take care of a little string to append it to a keyring.

PNY Duo Link OTG design
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Sadly, this doesn’t exist with the drive. The whole unit is around 2″ long, 7/8″ wide, and around 3/8″ with the connectors aren’t there. 

A shine dark piece with the PNY logo. And capacity size (64GB for this situation) imprinted on it sit in the drive. This piece is really a slider. At the point when slides a single way, the USB-A connector pushes out of one end. When slid the other way, the USB-C connector uncovers. 

While the PNY Duo Link looks adequately straightforward, the plastic packaging provides me the opportunity to stop and think. It feels somewhat wobbly, and I’d be concerned that it might break in the end.

Contingent upon where you store it and how you transport it when you are not using it. Actually, I’d prefer to see somewhat of a thicker/more excellent shell, regardless of whether it expanded the value a little.

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As indicated by PNY, the Duo Link OTG Flash Drive is fit for reading/compose velocities of up to 130MB/s.

The bundling likewise shows that the compose speed might be lower. Likewise, with some other drives, we survey.

PNY Duo Link OTG Performance
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I ran it through a couple of projects on a PC to actually look at reading/compose speeds. 

During certifiable testing. I moved 40 DNG documents (a sum of 486MB) from my telephone to the drive and afterward to the PC. I likewise rehashed a similar test with a solitary 2135MB record. 

The drive handles more modest record compose speeds better compared to bigger documents. That being said.

This drive is OK with regards to perusing speeds yet is beautiful lethargic with regards to composing speeds.

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PNY Duo Link OTG Verdict

Despite the fact that the PNY Duo Link has slow composed speeds. It proves to be useful when you need to move documents from your Android cell phone to your PC. Certainly, you can utilize a link, however.

This USB streak drive is little and minimized, making it simple to take with you while in a hurry.

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