Polar Vantage V2
Polar Vantage V2


Polar Vantage V2

Good Stuff

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Insights for training
  • Connected music controls
  • An excellent partner app

    Bad Stuff

  • Touch screen null
  • Limited collection faces
  • He still lacks intelligence

    The Polar Vantage V2 is a versatile sports watch that boasts a rugged design and is coated with an attractive aluminum.

    In terms of features, it has extensive tracking and training exercises, and its controls are great.

    Fast Talk (Polar Vantage V2)

    The Polar’s ​​Vantage V’s watch was stunning in every detail, as it was one of the strongest multi-sport options on the market.

    Now, the Vantage V2 has been launched in the familiar form of the original with improved many key aspects of its multi-sport skills, it is more waterproof than before, features several new faces and enables you to control the music on your mobile phone.

    It has a larger battery than the previous version, plus Komoot route guidance, hill divisions, and smart fueling recommendations.

    It is a watch full of limited smart features, it focuses on sports performance and is considered one of the most attractive multi-sport watches.

    The Polar Vantage V2 is priced at $ 499.95 / £ 439 / AU $ 699.

    Polar Vantage V2 Design

    The polar vantage V2 is obviously the new version to the original vantage. 

    initially it looks really similar to the original watch, but if you look slightly closer you can tell it has a much more premium finish. 

    not only does this give the watch a really nice finish.

    but polar actually says that this gives a boost to the GPS signal in the watch as well too. 

    Polar Vantage V2 features the classic five button system, not only can you navigate your way around the watch with the buttons, but it also has a full touch screen unit. 

    you can almost navigate your way around the watch using either or so just the buttons or just the touch screen.

    but one thing I did notice is that when you’re wearing this in the shower, the hot water actually changes the functions on the screen. 

    a nice easy way to fix this is just if you hold down the top right hand button, it just puts the watch into lock mode, so that just makes for a nice easy workaround. 

    The lock functionality

    is also really beneficial when in an activity, so you can’t accidentally stop your recording. 

    Another thing I really love about Polar Vantage V2’s design of the watch which you may not think about initially is the fact that the aluminium backing actually has a round finish to the edge, and I think this is really good for a few reasons actually. 

    so when you’re actually wearing the watch during an activity let’s say riding a bike.

    it just lets you have that extra flexibility in your wrist without any sharp corners of the watch digging into either the back to your hand or the back of your arm, it’s just a really comfortable watch to wear with loads of movement.

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    Polar Vantage V2 Features: upgrades over the V1

    as well as these hardware feature upgrades in the vantage 2, there’s a lot of software upgrades that are really beneficial to the V2 over the Polar Vantage v1

    So one of the features I really like when first booting the watch up is the fact that you can quite similar to widget glances that Garmin have is that you can just swipe through different screens. 

    and this is going to get you to all the key features of the watch really quickly. 

    as well as really help with your training load and where you are in your week’s training.

    polar vantage v2 vs v1
    polar vantage v2 vs v1

    so if you want to check on your weekly training, it will actually give you a really nice training screen, which shows you your activities during the week. 

    one of the nice features is that if you haven’t done any training in the new week, it’s actually going to show you all the training that you did last week, so it’s not just going to show you zero data which I suppose could be quite depressing. 

    you can click on the screen and it shows you the total of everything that you’re done over the week.

    which is a really nice touch, it also breaks down all the individual activities as well, so you can look at all the training that you’ve done last week. 

    Fuel wise

    Another new feature on the polar vantage V2 is fuelwise, I think this is going to be a huge benefit to those endurance athletes and it’s certainly something that’s going to help me because I’m pretty dreadful at it.

    Basically what this does is it allows you to create a fueling program for your activities, so your body’s always going to be running at that perfect fuel amount. 

    you can really get this dialed down to how your body performs best and how you like to consume in an activity. 

    polar vantage v2 Fuel wise

    it lets you set a reminder for carbs intake as well as hydration, so all you have to do is estimate the length and intensity of your activity. 

    you can choose how often you want to consume these and then it will basically create a feeling strategy for you. 

    it’s also clever enough to adapt how you’re doing in the activity as well.

    so if the activity becomes more intense than you expected the watch will work that out, and then give you more feel for that. 

    Activities: heart rate sensor and a lot of data

    There is a bonus to this is the heart rate monitor is obviously right in the center of the back.

    so it’s always going to have a really planted solid connection with your wrist, so it’s going to give you optimum heart rate data. 

    This has Polar’s precision prime heart rate monitor which is a new one over the original vantage. 

    polar vantage V2 has a new algorithm so it’s actually going to give you better heart rate data all throughout the day as well as during your activities.

    polar vantage v2 heart rate sensor

    so it’s going to give you more accurate training data which is a really nice touch. 

    when looking at these individual activities, it’s amazing how much data you can get directly through the watch face. 

    For example there’s some data from a short bike ride I did last week, and it breaks down the heart rate zones that you’ve been in the energy used throughout the activity and that goes down into the detail of carbs, protein and fat which is pretty impressive. 

    the average and top speeds, the altitude as well as the new hill splitter mode.

    which I think is a really nice new feature, basically what this hill splitter mode does is breaks down every single climb, and decently you’ve done into tiny little sections similar to the sort of sections that you’d have on Strava really. 

    and it just lets you break down all of the climbing and descending data, so you can see how well you’re doing.

    Battery Life and Power saver mode

    polar vantage V2 has also introduced a new power saver mode similar to the power manager mode from Garmin. 

    this basically just lets you fine-tune some of the settings in the watch, so you can change the intensity of the GPS and the heart rate monitor. 

    so basically this is just going to let you dial down some of those settings to increase the battery life in the watch. 

    Credit: DC Rainmaker

    so it’s really good for someone that’s going to be using this for multi-day events or someone that’s going to be using this for really long endurance activities. 

    having said that though I don’t think many of us will need to tone any of the settings down because even on its highest settings, so the most battery consuming mode.

    it can still record really accurate GPS for up to 40 hours, so I think that’s gonna have most of us fairly covered. 

    but for the few people that are going to need that extreme long battery life, you can tweak the settings and get actually up to 100 hours use out of it which is fairly ridiculous. 

    so when using the watch in general smart watch mode with continuous heart rate tracking on, it’s going to last you for a good solid seven days.


    The Polar Vantage V2 is a comprehensive training aid that can track nearly every scale and system. It is a sports star watch in an attractive package, featuring touch buttons and a direct interface, and has new watch faces and new energy-saving options to improve the user experience.

    One of the main features of the Polar Vantage V2 watch is its music controls.

    It is a useful addition, but it cannot affect mobile payments and application support provided by Garmin Fenix ​​6 Pro.

    The watch contains 130 sports files, GPS tracking and a heart rate sensor with eight LEDs.

    As for the design of the Polar Vantage V2 watch, it has a case made of aluminum used in the aircraft industry, and is lightweight and durable.



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