Pro-ject Carbon Debut Evo
Pro-ject Carbon Debut Evo


Carbon Debut Evo

Good Stuff

  • spacious and engaging sound
  • Impressive specifications

    Bad Stuff

  • could look more powerful
  • Expensive
  • Pro-ject Carbon Debut Evo features a detailed and very pure sound,

    you will enjoy as long as the music sounds great when you hear it, and it has a very elegant and modern design.

    Fat Talk

    Pro-Ject released its first turntable several years ago, after which it improved

    and upgraded the design of its versions, and released a new disc called Pro-ject Carbon Debut Evo

    which is considered more accurate and upgradeable to date.

    The Pro-ject Carbon Debut Evo has several features, capabilities, and upgrades.

    For example, the carbon fiber audio transmission shaft equipped with the powerful Oroton (or Sumika) cartridge.

    It also contains some adjustable wet feet, and you can change and adjust the speed automatically to improve performance and improve the work environment.

    In terms of design it has about nine finishes, including five very attractive new options in “satin”.

    Setting up the Carbon Evo is very simple, just attach the drive belt, place it on the plate,

    and attach some anti-skid weights to one piece of the transmission shaft.

    Then connect it to your system, using the high quality phono leads included,

    plug it into the mains, and start enjoying your device, Pro-ject has a detailed and revealing sound,

    Able to focus on details even when describing the whole picture, as it has a warm sound.

    The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo price around $ 499 / £ 449 / AU $ 879.

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    Pro-ject Carbon Debut Evo key specifications

    Speeds33 rpm, 45rpm, 78rpm (optional)
    Tonearm mass6g
    Tonearm length21.8cm
    Power consumption4W
    Dimensions (hwd)11.8 x 41.5 x 32cm
    Specifications Table

    Pro-ject Carbon Debut Evo Design, Strong, sleek

    All turntable designs all look the same, as the turntable is a rectangle

    with a circle and has a plastic cover that protects it from dust on top.

    This is how the Pro-Ject first Carbon Evo turntable looks like any other standard player.

    It is also very expensive at 400 USD / 349 GBP / 550 AUD,

    as you spend your money on intangible things like the bearing,

    the motor, the damping and all the other necessities.

    Pro-ject Carbon Debut Evo Design
    Pro-ject Carbon Debut Evo Design

    The new Pro-ject Carbon Debut Evo features the same height-adjustable wet feet

    and is equip with a Pro-Ject rotating disk of $ 899 / £ 749 / AU $ 1,190.

    It also has a new motor with some bulky disconnections combined,

    as the motor is now barely in contact with the main body of the rotary box.

    It has a heavy layer of steel, thanks to a thermoplastic ring on its inner edge,

    and its function is to reduce operating noise and is spare through technologies.

    The turntable contains a gear change switch under the base,

    where in the previous version you had to take off the plate and move the drive belt to change speeds.

    But now 33.3 rpm could become 45 rpm (or vice versa) in a press.

    As for the transmission shaft, it is in a single piece of carbon fiber and comes with the powerful Ortofon 2M Red cartridge.

    There are several options for Debut Carbon Evo as it has five satin colors: black, white, yellow, blue or green.

    Pro-ject Carbon Debut Evo Performance: Decent Sound

    Pro-ject Carbon Debut Evo is a well-known device, as anyone familiar with the sound of the Pro-Ject family will have no problem choosing the first version of this turntable, it is a very well-known brand.

    The Carbon Evo is a powerful and luxurious device, with a lot of warmth

    and richness, it is an indisputable vinyl virtue, as it has a non-interference and very smooth sound.

    And the Pro-ject Carbon Debut Evo, like any turntable, is very good at splitting sound, it ties everything together.

    It’s full of tactile feel in terms of performance from Evo,

    for example when you play collage pieces like A Tribe Called Quest.

    The recording unit, and the way in which the mid-band is mounted on low-frequency bases is balanced in terms of the treble, as it travels safely at the top.

    It also contains a feature that allows each recording to appear coherent and convincing, even with the most processed and machine-derived recordings.

    As for the lower frequencies, it is characterized by heat, as it is not overcooked,

    as it does not come down to the detriment of details or texture.

    Just as there is a similar amount of sumptuous detail recovered in the midrange range, it provides you with a lot of joy in performing with nearly her hair lift.

    And the Pro-ject Carbon Debut Evo handles beats and rhythms very evenly,

    so you’ll get a more upright advantage and a more combat approach than the comparably priced Rega disc.


    The Pro-Ject is a very detailed listening disc, with crystal clear audio that even temporary details are barely captured and delivered.

    This newer version features automatic cruise control,

    which helps prevent the plate from raising and moving the drive belt anymore.

    Also, the Pro-ject Carbon Debut Evo has a very elegant and elegant design,

    it will fit in the décor of your home, whatever the type of your apartment.

    Unfortunately, it does not contain Bluetooth or USB ports,

    Although these specifications are found on many diskettes.


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