Q Acoustics 3030i
Q Acoustics 3030i

Q Acoustics

Q Acoustics 3030i

Good Stuff

  • Insightful and expressive
  • well-integrated bass sound
  • Good build

    Bad Stuff

  • Tough competition

    The Q Acoustics 3030i is an excellent addition, having a stylish design and an incredible sound performance.

    Fast Talk (Q Acoustics 3030i)

    Almost two years ago, Q Acoustics launched the impressive 3000i Premium speaker lineup, and it was all loaded with amazing features, as it looked fully equipped with multiple stand options, a large tower, and also had custom home cinema projections.

    And now, given the launch of the Q Acoustics 3030i loudspeaker with surprisingly impressive sound capabilities with little caveat, as this loudspeaker is one of the largest of the three models in the group, this brand is well known.

    Key specifically

    Enclosure type2-way reflex
    Bass unit16.5cm
    Treble unit22mm
    Frequency response 46 Hz – 30 kHz
    Impedance6 ohms
    Dimensions (hwd)32.5 x 20 x 33cm

    Stylish Design

    It’s no shocker to find that Q Acoustics has stuck closely with its successful recipe

    for the Q Acoustics 3030i, just adding a larger unit / bass and a more generous cabinet.

    Q Acoustics 3030i Speaker

    The Q Acoustics 3030i has a stylish and elegant design.

    The speaker case fills 12.5 liters of volume, which is more than twice that of the 3020i (6.1 liters).

    We also found that the mid-engine or larger bass and cabinet bodes well for bass extension, dynamic reach, and the ability to play louder.

    The Q Acoustics 3030is loudspeaker comes in at 16.5 cm / bass and is 12.5 cm high in the small model,

    in fact on the model used in the 3050i floor stand,

    but we found that it was modified to work in this installation,

    and also comes a 22 mm dome speaker with a frequency of 2.4 kg Hz.

    The Q Acoustics 3030i is a delightfully detailed and refined unit that we found separated from the front panel to provide isolation from the vibration generated by the mid / bass unit, helping to improve detail and focus.

    Q Acoustics 3030i ports

    The cabinet also helped provide the appearance of the 3000i Series family as it is, so much so that some may struggle to distinguish the various standing devices in the range from the image.

    The Q Acoustics 3030i loudspeakers are relatively deep, if space is high,

    as the case is internally rigid and carefully damped to reduce any resonance of the casing.

    Read Our:

    Q Acoustics 3030i Features

    For the port to function properly, a small space must be left between the back of the speaker and the wall behind it.

    When testing the amplifier, we found that it looks better when placed at a distance of 40 cm in the room, but it remains balanced even when it is closer.

    Q Acoustics 3030i features

    Also, when we put the little toe toward the listening position the stereo image is solidified, but the precise angle doesn’t prove to be too critical.

    We also found that the Q Acoustics 3030is are capable of working with a wide range of equipment,

    but the drive has to be easy so that even the small system can handle and get enough smoothness to sound good with streaming music.

    Q Acoustics 3030i Performance: Sound

    The Q Acoustics 3030i loudspeaker produces a familiar yet surprisingly powerful sound that we found to be clearer

    and brighter compared to other auxiliary stabilizers in the 3000i series.

    Like others in the group, you’ll find impressively gorgeous and fluid sound with smooth color balance and effortless nature.

    We also found that the Q Acoustics 3030i delivers balanced performance and is understated but always attractive, but if you want a little more lively, you can choose Oberon 1s for Dali or B & W’s 607.

    Credit: Zero Fidelity

    So doing the audio test we listened to Ashley’s song and this tweeter gave us a wide bass full of power, and the headphones gave a lot of weight to the low end.

    The bass was also excellent, so this extra dose of bass was well-integrated and well-controlled.

    We enjoyed the way these boxes track the rollercoaster dynamics of music and its calmness when pressed hard, and we found that they functioned comfortably in large quantities, given the price point.

    And when we listened to different tracks, we found that Q Acoustics 3030i has a remarkable ability to follow strings of multi-instrumentation and the way they deliver low-key sounds in a crowded mix.

    We enjoyed an impressively detailed performance, so the method was coherent and non-coercive.

    The Q Acoustics 3030i is well-able to convey the variable momentum of a piece of music, making you enjoy a very rewarding listening experience.


    The 3030i loudspeaker for you provides excellent detail retrieval and a high level of stand up and go, which is really nice, as if we compare it to the Elac Debut 2.0 is a great speaker too, except that it takes a lot more care of system matching than the easy-to-use Q Acoustics.
    Q Acoustics is an attractive speaker that has a lively sound.



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