Raptic Rise Power Stand Review
(Image Credit: rapticstrong.com)
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The Raptic Rise power Stand combines two products in one, 1st charging pad, and the second is a headphone stand. Today we will be reviewing the Raptic Rise Power Stand review and see whether if it is worth it or not? So continue reading…


  • Solid aluminum headphone stand built to hold your headphones
  • The base pad provides up to 12W for the fastest possible wireless charge for your phone
  • USB-A port in back to charge your headphones
  • Cable management system on bottom to coil access wires
  • Free Shipping on all orders (within the US)
  • 30 Days Hassle-Free Returns
  • Dimensions: 5.1 W x 4.0 D x 10.6 H (inches)
  • Weight: 14.7 oz

Raptic Rise Power Stand Design

Once gathered, the Raptic Rise Power Stand is extremely pleasant looking. It stands generally 11″ tall, 5 1/8″ wide, and 4 1/8″ profound. The stand arm itself is out of machined aluminum and is 1/4″ wide.

And just shy of 9 1/2″ in stature. The Raptic logo is at the actual bass of the arm. A rectangular pattern with adjustment finishes is focusing down the center of the arm. The highest point of the arm twists forward, with a 2 1/4″ tongue to put your earphones on.

Raptic Rise Power Stand
(Image Credit: rapticstrong.com)

A 1/8″ elastic piece with a front and back lip sits. On the highest point of this tongue to shield your earphones from the metal casing. 

The actual base is 3 5/8″ by 5 1/8″ and an inch thick. Focused on the highest point of the base is a three-inch by a four-inch dark plastic square shape.

Fixated on that is a 2 1/2″ by 4″ artificial calfskin cushion for where you place your Qi-viable gadget for remote charging.

The sides point inwards, so the base that sits around your work area is marginally more modest than the top. On the facade of a base is a little LED pointer light. 

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On the underside is a U-formed elastic cushion to forestall slippage and scratching your work area. Towards the back is a pattern which is the place where you associate the USB Type-C charging link.

The base likewise has a USB-A port which you can use to charge your earphones while on the stand.

The previously mentioned elastic cushion likewise strips off with the goal that you can wrap any link abundance and conceal it carefully hidden. While the highest point of the base is machine aluminum, the base part is tough dark plastic. 

Raptic Rise Power Stand Solid Aluminum Headphone Stand
(Image Credit: rapticstrong.com)

The included USB Type-C to USB Type-C link is about three feet in length. While this might be large enough for certain arrangements, a more extended link would have been more pleasant.

The link is the standard plastic-cover assortment. Given the plan and materials utilized for the actual stand, I would have anticipated a more pleasant-looking plaited link. 

Raptic Rise Power Stand Usability

Once gathered, the Raptic Rise Power Stand is really simple to utilize. After you’ve connected it. You can put your Qi-viable cell phone, mouse, remote earbud case, or some other viable gadget on the cushion.

Presenting up to 12W of remote charging, it ought to handily charge your viable gadgets. At the point when a gadget is on the cushion for charging, the front LED is a strong white.

In case it isn’t in the right position as expected or a non-viable gadget. Or the item is on the cushion, the LED flickers red. 

There is additionally a USB-A port that exists under the lower part of the base. You can interface a USB-A link from your earphones.

Permitting you to connect them and charge them while you aren’t using them. It’s a convenient component that further diminishes the number of links you have associated with your PC and winding their direction across your work area.

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The Raptic Rise Power Stand is an extraordinary blend earphone stand and remote charging cushion. Very much assembled. It looks incredible and works similarly also for charging your Qi-viable gadgets while giving you a spot for hanging and charging your earphones when you are’t using.

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