Raycon E25 Pro Earbuds
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The Raycon E25 Pro earphones are only one of the many being presented to customers. 

You can in a real sense go to Amazon. And discover many of them available to be purchased and at different value focuses.

Raycon hit on the scene solid with their superstar and YouTuber supports alongside some enormous cash venture behind them.

Genuine remote earphones have in a real sense invade the earphone market with each significant brand. And each little brand siphoning them out as once huge mob.

Raycon E25 Pro Review Specs

Playtime in one charge6 Hours
Playtime with Charging Case24 Hours
Bluetooth Technology5.0
Charging Type TypeC USB
Built-in MicrophoneYes
Bluetooth Range33ft/ 10m
Waterproof LevelIPX 6
Master EarbudBoth
Gel Tips5 pairs


The Raycon E25 Pro earphones aren’t planned much uniquely in contrast to some other TWS earphones.

Raycon E25 Pro Earbuds design
(Image Credit: rayconglobal.com)

The case is pill-molded and made of plastic. The plastic feels on the spending plan side of the range.

It positively doesn’t feel premium yet is intended to look premium with the Raycon marking upfront. 

The depend working on this issue feels touchy in the event that you pull back excessively hard. And it could without much of a stretch break.

Raycon utilizes USB-C charging on the back, and that is an or more. The case additionally unmistakably denotes the right and left earbud openings; a few organizations experience issues denoting these obviously. 

Raycon E25 Pro Earbuds Case
(Image Credit: rayconglobal.com)

With respect to the Raycon E25 Pro earphones themselves, they look like numerous other TWS earphones out there.

One truly pleasant thing about these earphones is the means by which little they are. And they fit in the ear well indeed.

They’re additionally agreeable, shockingly truly agreeable. The truly solid match adds to superb commotion separation. 

By and large, the Raycon E25 Pro earphones’ plan is fundamental; nothing new here, simply your normal TWS earphone plan.

The materials utilized feel financial plan however should hold up generally. I am astonished by the fit and how well they remained in the ear.

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Along these lines, presently it comes to it—the sound quality. On the off chance that you’ve invested any huge energy in YouTube, you will see many famous people.

Forces to be reckoned with, and YouTubers publicizing Raycon earphones. Raycon’s appear to be the honey bee’s knees for TWS earphones, essentially as indicated by those pitching them. 

Note that sound quality and soundstage will be exceptionally abstract. What I believe is acceptable may not be what you believe is acceptable, and that is alright.

Out of the container, the Raycon E25 Pro earphones are extremely bass-weighty. I don’t know how Raycon is doing their tuning.

However, to my ear, it seems like somebody in your vehicle just turned the bass to 10. The bass is so weighty it overloads the mids and highs.

Making vocals sloppy and a few cymbals and guitars comprehensible. 

I’ve generally been an enthusiast of a more normal and level soundstage with a slight change upon the bass.

The Raycon E25 Pro earphones appear as though they’re tuned for little more than bass.

Indeed, even Meghan Trainor’s vocals would lose all sense of direction in this blend. And we know she’s with regards to that bass, no high pitch. 

That being said. The Raycon E25 Pro earphones didn’t intrigue me in the sound quality division.

The bass is overwhelming and doesn’t feel extremely tuned. Maybe the designers recently said, screw it. Wrench the bass to 10 and fail to remember the remainder of the frequencies. 

Generally speaking, this soundstage isn’t intended for me. It very well might be for those searching for robust bass, and assuming that is you, these are great.

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Raycon E25 Pro Battery

I’d say the E25’s have normal battery life; there are different alternatives with the better batteries out there.

Six hours on one accuse of 3 additional charges for the situation for a sum of 24 hours.

Some TWS earphones can scarcely squeak out 3 hours, and some that can allow you 8 hours. These falls solidly in the center.

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