Razer Pro Click Mini
(Image credit: razer.com)
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The Razer Pro Click Mini is a unique wireless mouse with a small cool design that you barely notice you’re using a mouse at all.


The Razer Pro Click looks absolutely fantastic. It really has the premium look to it and adds so much to your desk.

Let’s talk about the quality of the razer pro click materials

The razer pro click mini build quality is impressive it’s solid and has a plastic shell and textured rubber grips on the sides and scroll wheel for good control, the body is made of one large piece of the removable plastic part.

Razer Pro Click Mini mouse design
(Image credit: razer.com)

Razer Pro Click Mini Specs

Size3.9×2.5x 1.3 inches(100.2×62.7×34.1mm)
Weight3.7 ounces (111gm) with 2 x AA battery 3.1 ounces (88 gm ) with 1 x AA battery
Numbers of Buttons7 , with 5x scrolling wheel
InterfaceUSB Wired, RF Wireless, Bluetooth
Hand OrientationRight-Handed
Sensor Razer 5G Advanced Optical
Sensor Maximum Resolution      16000 dpi
Power Source                              Internal Battery, Wired USB
Polling rate                                  1000 Hz
Warranty2 years

Razer Pro Click Mini Performance

It’s the best mouse in home and office field compared with the other mousse at the same price

It still has excellent gaming features and is also excellent for office use. Sure, it may not have as many programmable buttons (it has 8) as some other mice, but it has 16,000 dpi with a 2.4GHz dongle if you don’t want to use Bluetooth

It’s the 5G Optical Sensor that makes the Pro Click Mini one of the most responsive office mice on the market.

Razer Pro Click Mini mouse productivity
(Image credit: razer.com)

Its adjustable polling rate can go up to 1000Hz to provide smooth cursor movements

The Razer Pro Click features 7 programmable buttons which include a tilt click scroll wheel

With 7 independently programmable buttons, you can now work faster and smarter by creating shortcuts for your creative tools or office programs for perfect control and efficiency.

Razer Pro Click Mini mouse buttons
(Image credit: razer.com)

Battery Life

Razer advertises that the Razer Pro Click Mini Battery life lasts 200 hours if connected via the 2.4Ghz dongle, and around 400 through Bluetooth, after fully charging it, you do not need to recharge it after more than a week of use.

Connecting with other devices

 The Razer Pro Click has a multi-device pairing feature that allows you to pair four devices at once

Connect with up to 4 devices and use it to control your desktop, laptop, Android tablet and TV screen, as you conveniently switch between devices without the constant need to pair and unpair.

And It was a more bit complicated problem with users using multiple devices

The razer allows them to solve the problem with a press of bottom, the razer pro click mini joins a selection of wireless mice that let you pair with three Bluetooth devices and pick which one you want to control and for a total of four connected devices you can add yet another PC to the group by using its dongle.

The Pro Click, like all of Razer’s, supports Razer’s installation program, names Synapse, for customization. Using Synapse, you can configure the Pro Click’s eight buttons, add macros via a separate software download, and save app-specific profiles with different configurations. You can also customize the mouse’s five DPI settings, which you can cycle through using the center button. Synapse is generally one of the best config programs, it’s clean and easy to read.

Razer Pro Click Mini software

The Razer Pro Click is fully compatible with Windows. All the buttons work on macOS, but there’s no software support for customization.

You can buy Razer Pro Click if you want a professional and comfort-looking, high-performance wireless mouse

The design of the Razer Pro Click is very catchy despite its neutral color palette. It might look rather minimalist

When it comes to connectivity there are two different wireless options and of course the direct USB connection on the front, you can save and switch between as many as four different Bluetooth pairings, giving the Pro Click a high degree of connectivity.

And don’t buy it if you need a left-handed mouse since the razer pro click is built to be a right-handed

And if you always lose your USB cable all the time since there is only one USB cable that can fit with this mouse so you must careful with the cable that comes with the mouse

Unfortunately, the pro click has a lot in common with the same gaming mouses but it’s meant to be an office mouse

The Razer Pro Click costs $64 you have every right to expect quite something in return


  • Comfortable to use.
  • Programmable buttons.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Multi-device pairing.
  • elegant design
  • Precise ergonomics
  • Supports Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz wireless
  • Eight buttons, including wheel tilt inputs
  • Very strong life battery


  • No USB-C port
  • Micro-USB charging port
  • No Software support for macOS

If you bought Razer Pro Click You will find that items in the box

  • Razer Pro Click mouse
  • Wireless USB receiver
  • Micro-USB cable
  • Protective pouch
  • User guide

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Mouse Buying Link Price Store
Razer Pro Click Mini Check Price 59$ Amazon


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