Razer Pro Type
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Razer Pro Type is the new productivity suite from razer which includes the proclick wireless mouse and the pro type wireless full-size keyboard, and the pro glide mouse pad. 

Just a glance

razer is most well known for its gaming peripherals but lately we’ve been seeing a push into other realms with the razer opus wireless Bluetooth headset. 

and now with this new productivity suite which is aimed at the workplace rather than the battle station. 

so with this new lineup razer is hoping to capture people looking for a good peripheral setup for their office at home, or at work. 

and so far I’ve been really impressed with what they’ve delivered. the pro click comes in at one Hundred.

the pro type keyboard, this is a full size keyboard and it comes in at 140 dollars, just like the pro click, the pro type can be connected via Bluetooth, 2.4 wireless or the USB type-c cable. 

and it has a very simple clean modern design, so the keycaps are white, the bottom and sides of the keyboard are white too. and it has a light gray metallic finish on the actual plate.


Quiet mechanical switches
Attractive design
USB-C charger
Connects to four wireless devices without repairing


Wireless connection problems


Full-sized keyboard
Ergonomic design with soft-touch coating
Up to 80M keystrokes durability
10-key rollover
Razer Orange Mechanical Switches (quiet, tactile)
Multi-host connectivity: Up to 4 devices (2.4GHz + BT)
Programmable keys with macro recording
White LED-backlit keys
Battery life: Up to ~12 hours on Bluetooth and 2.4GHz with back-lighting on; up to ~84 hours without backlighting on Bluetooth, and ~78 hours on 2.4GHz
Recharges via Type-C braided 2M cable (included)Size: 442 x 133 x 39
Weight: 900g
Available now: $ 139.99
Specifications Table


The Razer Pro Type is one of Razer’s newest productions for peripherals aimed at offices and remote workers.

The Razer Pro Type features a design that carries softer,

smoother and more elegant colors of off-white and glossy silver,

and on top of that it is accompanied by white LED lighting under the keys, but despite that

Upon testing, I feel it was definitely not the type of keyboard that you wouldn’t feel comfortable using in a downtown office.

Razer Pro Type Design

It features a metallic top panel design that locks the keys in place for a more mature look than most other Razer products.

The only drawback with the Razer Pro Type keyboard is the backlight,

as it looks counter-intuitive to the looks it aims to reach.

It makes you wonder if the more impressive Razer Pro Click is actually integrated with the keyboard, as it has enough backlight.


As for the ports, the Pro Type charges the USB-C port on the back, and this port can also provide a wired connection to any other device as long as it has a USB port in case the battery runs out or you just prefer a wired connection.

Razer Pro Type Ports
Image By: Razer


When testing the actual typing on the Razer Pro Type keyboard, we found superior and smooth speed.

As we all know Razer’s Orange mechanical switches are quieter than other mechanical keyboards and feel highly responsive to touch and type.

The keys are rated as 80 million key clicks, so the keyboard is actually designed to last and be more practical, and with the soft and smooth coating, you will find your hands flying on the keyboard while typing, you will not feel any effort at all.

You can expect around 12 hours of a full charge using either of the two wireless options (if you turn the backlight off or leave it on) with the backlight on.

And if you turn off the backlight, it will give you significantly longer battery life,

up to about 84 hours on Bluetooth and 78 hours on 2.4GHz wireless.

Buy it if

The keyboard features a soft-touch coating on the keys,

and the Razer Orange mechanical keyboard is responsive and easy to type

If you want to maintain connections to more than one device,

the keyboard enables wireless device profiles to work with a maximum of four devices while switching between them easily by pressing a button.

While the Pro Type’s battery life does not take long if you use the LED lights,

if you turn it off, it will give you a big boost for several additional days before you need to recharge the keyboard again.

Don’t buy it if

If you get many calls dropped in your office or just heavy interference,

the Razer Pro Type might not be the best choice due to its issues with the way it handles input.

Despite its design, which is characterized by light white and silver, the lighting in it is very light and dim.



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