Remo DoorCam 2
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The Remo DoorCam 2 has excellent video quality that allows you to see basicly at the heart of your apartment, but it has only limited functions.

Fast Talk (Remo DoorCam 2)

Home surveillance cameras have become one of the most popular smart home devices that you provide in your home for more safety for you and your family,

as these cameras allow you to monitor your home wherever you are, whether inside or outside the home.

If you want a good outdoor camera, you will have to install it very tightly in your home, which often requires you to drill holes.

And the Remo DoorCam 2 can be install anywhere you want or any angle without the need for screws.

Unfortunately, this installation convenience is outweigh by a number of other factors, such as a lack of existing features and adequate security.

A camera that costs $ 199 Remo DoorCam 2 has been available since September 2020.


  • Lets you see the base of your door
  • Good video quality
  • You don’t need to install anything permanently


  • There is no two-factor authentication
  • There are no customizable motion zones 
  • The application lacks features

Remo DoorCam 2: Modern Design

Remo DoorCam 2 has a stylish and modern design, it is made to fit the top of your door,

and it consists of two halves connected by a thin metal strip, and the advantage of this tape is to fasten your door tightly,

in addition to some small screws that you can use to fasten DoorCam 2 to your door firmly.

Remo DoorCam 2 Design
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The exterior is almost wedge-shape, with a camera in the middle surround by LED lights and motion sensors.

The interior is large, so it can hold three D-cell batteries plus an antenna to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

The size of the DoorCam 2 camera section is 6.4 x 2.6 x 2.5 inches, its body is white in color, and the middle part contains the camera completely black, as well as the motion sensor at both ends.

As we said the interior has the batteries, and since it’s inside your door, you’re unlikely to really notice it.

The batteries are supposed to last for up to four months, but the DoorCam2 can run out of DC power.

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Remo DoorCam 2: Setup 

As for setting up the Remo DoorCam 2, it is very easy, as it creates a Wi-Fi signal. In the Remo app, it then asks you to scan the DoorCam 2 barcode, which will then allow you to connect your phone to the DoorCam, and finally you will be able to connect DoorCam 2 to your home Wi-Fi network.

In general, the setup was very fast and painless, but we had a problem with the Remo app, as it has very weak security.

Also, when registering for an account, there is no verification email or text message sent to you,

and the company also added that there are no plans to add this useful security feature.

There is also a bad feature that when you type the Wi-Fi password into the smartphone app, the app will display the full password and not give you an option to hide it.

Remo DoorCam 2 Audio and Video Quality, App and Settings 

As for the sound and video quality of the Remo DoorCam 2, it provides a different perspective on the front of your door than any other video doorbell, as it helps you to see the front of your door, and this is useful for you in receiving parcels and messages, as most other doorbells do not She can show the feet at either door.

Also the daytime video from DoorCam 2 1080p was sharp, colorful and really good, capturing the deep reds of the roses in my home.

The Remo DoorCam 2 has the Remo app, which is pretty basic compare to the top security camera apps.

Remo DoorCam 2 Video and app
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DoorCam 2 includes two motion sensors; But it is better to use Sensor 1 when using the camera on a balcony, and Sensor 2 when using the camera in the lobby.

You will be able to set the sensitivity of each camera to low, medium or high, in addition to the ability to set the video quality (low, medium, high), and also the volume of the speaker, the night mode.

The Remo app has a setting for motion zones, but for devices connected to a power source.

There are also no filters to detect people, packages, or animals, and no ability to adjust the length of recordings or scheduling features.

A good feature of Remo DoorCam 2 is that if you connect your Remo account to Alexa or Google Assistant, you will be able to view the camera feed on smart displays that support Alexa or Google Assistant.

Remo DoorCam 2 comes with a free 30-day trial of the company’s cloud storage plan, after which you’ll have to pay $ 3 a month or $ 30 a year for 30 days of cloud storage.


In general, the Remo DoorCam 2 is good, as it provides you with knowledge of who is standing at their front door, and has great picture and sound quality, especially during the day.

But unfortunately there are a lot of things that are lacking, for example there is no kind of security for a password or camera, in addition to the lack of scheduling, movement areas and people detection, which you can find in most other doorbells.

It will also send you a notification whenever it detects a movement, and there is no way to know if a visitor has found the motion detector, or someone has delivered a package.

If you want something better and provides you with higher capabilities, for 80 dollars less,

you can get a Ring Video Doorbell and internal ringing, which is more useful and safe.

Video doorbell Cam Buying Link Price Store
Remo DoorCam 2 Check Price $199.00 Amazon
1080P HD IP mini camera Check Price $30,60 – $57,92 Cliconstore
SANNCE 2K Check Price $37,30 – $43,38 Cliconstore


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