Beoplay E8 2.0 – At first glance, you will not notice that there is a big difference between the first generation E8s and the second generation E8 2.0,

 The design and leather cases come in the same shape.

But even so, Bang & Olufsen has added a few improvements to the wireless headphones including support for Qi wireless charging

 And improved battery life in addition to providing headphones with a charging case that holds up to 16 hours.

As mentioned previously, Beoplay E8 2.0

 The design of this generation is not very different from the first generation,

The headphones still have the same plastic structure with slight curves on the edges

However, you will notice that the aluminum frame on the case has become clearer compared to the first generation, and the magnetic inner base for the location of the two headsets has also become more specific.

The case comes longer this time to provide additional space for the battery but still maintains the square shape.

The LED lights are stripe and not just a single point as we saw with the initial version,

Moreover, a USB Type-C port is added on the back of the case,

 This means that you can use modern charging connectors to charge the case. Also worth noting is that there is built-in wireless charging included in the case to charge the two headsets.

These headsets also have anti-splash-resistant standards only.

 As for stability and comfort, for sure,

 The headphones are very stable and comfortable for the ear, as we saw with the first generation.

The headphones are available in black and gray colors.

Sound and performance

Bang & Olufsen has a good reputation when it comes to sound quality, it always aims for tuning and development.

You will notice that the headphones focus heavily on human sounds and bass, and the amplifier works fabulously.

The headphones work very balanced,

 And you will be able to supply the power of Bass if you want through the accompanying program available on iOS and Android

 Which also allows you to control the headphones with it,

 Also, control of audio files including presentation and delay, volume leveling and sound modes.

It is worth noting that the Yemeni speaker has certain functions, and the left speaker also has certain functions. The headphones support Google Assistant and Siri Assistant

The headset supports Bluetooth 4.2 connection,

 On the question of pairing,

 The pairing for the first time was fast,

 Likewise, with re-pairing and stability, they have no problem.

 But on the sync issue, you may notice a very slight delay (less than about half a second) while watching the videos,

 This is the only drawback to the handset.

When using headphones for long hours,

 Don’t worry, as the headphones don’t emit heat with extended uses.

Also, you won’t have any problems with touch technology.

As for calls, the performance of the headphones with calls was very excellent.

 If you only want to use one speaker, use the left one,

 Whereas, once the right speaker is removed, the headphones are automatically turned off.

The headphones also feature an insulation function that works very well, due to the headphone design.

As we mentioned above,

 One of the most important features that the company added to this generation is the improvement of battery life.

In addition, the company increased the battery life of the headphones to operate up to 4 hours of continuous operation and a hold-up case of up to 16 hours

But it also added wireless charging technology and a USB-C port, so the speaker is very excellent in terms of charging.

Conclusion :

 Although it may be a little expensive,

 However, the B&O E8 2.0 headphones are very excellent in sound and battery life, making them the perfect wireless earphone.


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