RHA TrueConnect 2
RHA TrueConnect 2

RHA TrueConnect 2 – These type C earphones Price is hundred and thirty pounds in the UK or one hundred and seventy dollars in the US. 

nor for those who might be aware the true connect to or the second revision of rha is true wireless range. 

RHA TrueConnect 2 one which was reviewed back in late 2018, was at the time, one of the best sounding true wireless earbuds on the market. 


  • Simple, no decoration design
  • Excellent battery life
  • Powerful wireless connectivity


  • Lacking features
  • Hiss when music is not playing
  • There is no multi-point coupling

 RHA TrueConnect 2 Box

RHA TrueConnect 2 box
RHA TrueConnect 2 box

you got a USB type two, USB type-c cable, you’ve got a challenging case with the earphones.

and then you’ve got a set of extra tips, I like the fact you’ve got a good little selection, it’s a shame not to see the comply foam tips which were in the original rha true connect one. 

The case is still quite unique, I like the way it flips up and the way it looks, it looks premium and it feels it as well. 

In terms of charging there’s a USB type-c connector, and there’s a little three indicators which give you an indication of how much battery is remaining of the case, and indeed the earphones inside. 

RHA TrueConnect 2 Features

in terms of the controls they provide, they can’t be adjusted which is a shame there’s no app that’s included in order for you to tailor it. 

but the right one if you double tap increases the volume triple taps decreases the volume, hold it down and it will activate your assistance,so in this case in my case would be Google Assistant. 

on the left side if you double press it goes next triple press it, it goes back and both of them support play and pause.

so if you tap it once it will play and pause at your music and of course answer and receive calls, so that’s great to see. 

in terms of the functionalities I will mention that the earphones can be used independently from each other.

and as I said before due to their Bluetooth codecs, and specifically how RHA have tuned them, it means that you can use one independently from the other. 

so you can have the right one in the case and use the left one and vice versa. 

I found that the switch is absolutely instantaneous and it’s fantastic, it’s among one of the best earbuds. 

These have got an ip55 rating over the IP X5 as if you need more protection, but they’re not fully waterproof.

they will survive the rain and have dust protection as well, that’s great to see and it’s good inclusion over its predecessors and in comparison some of its competitors in the market.

RHA TrueConnect 2 Design

RHA TrueConnect 2 Design

in terms of the earphones themselves, they’re very lightweight, they’re around 6 grams each. 

The case itself is 79 grams so it might be a little bit hefty in concert with some of its competitors. 

Now what I like about the earphones is design, they’re a little bit unique, they don’t look like all the other earphones out there. 

they do have this kind of Apple earpods type of stem but other than that they’re quite nice. 

now the biggest difference between the originals in the fact that they have no longer any buttons. 

Now the buttons are a shame because I actually quite liked the buttons, but the touch sensitive buttons are sensitive enough to pick up presses but not too sensitive. 

In order to provide accidental presses, I like what RHA have done over here, it has made it easier to control and furthermore actually just thought about how the market has progressed over the years.

RHA TrueConnect 2 Noise Cancelling

These earphones do not have ANC, they do have good passive noise isolation, but for those people who are looking to be a little bit more closed off from the world around them ANC is not included. 

I will say there in comparison to some of its competitors, the passive noise isolation is better than what the others offer, purely because of their design and the way that they fit.

The Call Quality

RHA TrueConnect 2 Sound Quality

call quality, now a chain have included more microphones and that does mean that your voice does come a lot clearer, specifically in comparison to its predecessor. 

The problem here is that in comparison to some of its competitors, these microphones do pick up a lot more environmental sound.

Therefore if you’re in a crowd area, those cars all the people who are going to be sitting next to you are going to be heard a lot more. 

call quality has improved technically speaking, but when it comes to actual real-world usage, then you will find it the RHA true connect 2 will suffer from environmental sound.

I did mention that these support only the AAC and SBC codecs only I would have liked to see aptX because that would have kind of boosted its performance. 

RHA TrueConnect 2 Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, the sub bass the sub bass is present it does sound a little bit cut off.

but does have that low-end Rumble that some other earphones seem to struggle at price range. 

in terms of the mid bass, it’s pronounced and is there you can definitely feel it. 

but it is worth bearing in mind that it does sound a little bit uncontrolled, not to the point that it’s a little bit I don’t know unpleasant to listen to. 

the mid-range, I would have liked to see the mids to be a little bit more forward sounding. 

they have very much retained the same RHA sound signature over the true connect one . 

whereby they do sound a little bit recessed warm sounding and fun , that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 

but some of its competitors now offer better more forward sounding mid, they do sound a little more engaging specifically so listening to vocal sounds.

The overall sound frequency is that the earphones do sound good. They’ve got a good sort of tonality and have got that fun sound signature that RHA originally with the true connection to one. 

however there’s not been that much of a progression in fact there might be somewhat of a regression because of the comply foam tips not being included. 

and therefore that sensitive harshness that some people might be able to hear might come across with the true connect 2.

RHA TrueConnect 2 Connection

When you get the earphones out, what I did notice in the capacitor other true wireless earphones is DS connects absolutely instantaneously to my Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus. 

I have no issues whatsoever with connectivity. they used Bluetooth 5 which is great to see.

and they also use the SBC and AAC codec very much like the originals. 

Now this is unfortunate because there’s no aptX aptX  HD idap codec supported.

Epic Battery Life

Now the case itself will take around three hours to charge from empty to full as far as I’m aware.

it also got a little fast charging as well. and also in terms of the overall battery life it’s significantly good.

it’s gone to 44 hours total playback with earphones and case whereas before you were looking at around 25 hours.

the earphones themselves will last around nine and a half hours, while the case will give you an additional three thirty four hours and thirty minutes at least.

That’s according to our HS website and from my tests I found that it does last pretty much time.


These true connections to earphones add better IP rating , better battery life, supposedly have better microphones.

and also have touch sensitive buttons in order to control your earphones rather than the buttons on the true connect one.

RHA TrueConnect 2 remains one of the best truly built wireless headphones at any price and the massive improvement in battery life is unbelievable.


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