RHA TrueControl ANC
RHA TrueControl ANC
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RHA TrueControl ANC Check Price $74.95://amzn.to/3dTE9Ij Amazon
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The RHA TrueControl ANC earbuds provide respectable sound quality with great controls, but the battery isn’t the best thing.

Fast Talk: RHA TrueControl ANC

RHA is just starting out. It doesn’t have the reputation of other big names in the personal audio business, but overall it does offer pretty impressive features in its products like RHA TrueConnect and RHA TrueConnect 2.

The company has released the RHA TrueControl ANC ear buds, and it has great sound quality with good connectivity and the availability of respectable controls, but you’ll be disappointed at just the good battery life.

The RHA TrueControl ANC comes with 10 different ear tips, to better fit the ideal ANC, so it’s worth taking the time to find out what’s best for your ears.

It has an unconventional design, with specific ear buds that can only be inserted directly into the ear, but you will get used to them surprisingly quickly.

It also has an IPX4 rating for water resistance, and each earbud has a capacitive touch surface instead of a motion sensor.

As for the acoustic performance, the RHA TrueControl ANC has great sound, as the music sounds sharp and detailed, and the bass is powerful and exciting.

As for the Active Noise Canceling feature, it’s especially good with the ambient mode that can be adjusted accordingly via the RHA app, depending on how much external noise you want to block.

And it comes at an inflated price, with a price tag of about $ 299.95 / £ 249.99 (about $ 380 AU), which is too much, especially considering the competition at this price from the likes of Apple and Sony.


  • Almost a personal fit
  • Good sound quality
  • Effective touch screen controls


  • Average battery life
  • It can take some time to find the perfect fit
  • ANC isn’t perfect

RHA TrueControl ANC: Block design with amazing touch-sensitive controls

In terms of design, the RHA TrueControl ANC earbuds are well suited to anyone’s ears, meaning a firmer fit which means more effective noise cancellation, and they’re safer if you run while wearing them.

RHA TrueControl ANC comes with ear tips of different sizes so that you can find what suits your ear, as the quality of noise cancellation is greatly affected by how comfortable you find it.

RHA TrueControl ANC Design
Image credit: rha-audio.com

And the carrying case is rather large and chunky, it is very similar to the earphones themselves, it is a rotating barrel and a black aluminum frame that looks somewhat elegant.

It comes with wireless charging, and the case has LED lights to indicate how much charge is left in the case.

The charging case may get awkward at first, but when you open it and put the earphones on the right side. In some ways, it’s almost styled for style.

One of the things I liked most about the RHA TrueControl ANC earbuds are the distinctive controls, as they use a capacitive touch surface instead of a motion sensor.

RHA Earbuds design
Image credit: rha-audio.com

Single clicks were much easier than other touch-sensitive controls, they work very well, and you can also use the RHA app to customize controls such as using swipes or click gestures.

The RHA TrueControl ANC has a corrosion detection sensor, it works fine and we didn’t have any issues here.

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Features: Average battery life with very good connectivity

As for the battery life of the RHA TrueControl ANC earbuds, it provides you with up to 20 hours of charging case and up to 5 hours on the earbuds alone, which is pretty much good.

RHA TrueControl ANC Charging
RHA TrueControl ANC Charging

It also provides you with wireless charging and USB-C options necessary for earbuds at this price and has both options.

The RHA TrueControl ANC provides you with a very good connection. During the tests, we did not encounter a problem with disconnection of the earphones, only we encountered some minor problems related to the pairing of the headphones at first, but the problem did not recur.

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RHA TrueControl ANC Performance: Great Sound Quality 

As for the RHA TrueControl ANC’s sound quality, it’s great, it did well with our ears, as everything sounded decent enough.

And we heard Rush in the middle of the night and it all sounded suitably powerful and luxurious.

And we also heard David Bowie’s Under Pressure and The Beatles’s Michelle, and RHA TrueControl ANC were very good at picking up the nuances of a song that lesser speakers don’t always notice.

Whether you’re listening to Circles or Childish Gambino’s Like Summer, we liked the Mids aptly.

RHA TrueControl ANC Earbuds performance

Then we listened to the quiet song Never Love Again and felt calm and appropriate sadness. You can adjust the EQ via the RHA app, which offers a series of four presets.

As for the active noise cancellation feature in the RHA TrueControl ANC ear bud, unfortunately we found some problems, you will feel confused when you see in the RHA app that the ANC is on.

Active Noise Cancellation has different quality at night than in the day, for example we noticed that some high frequencies will still make their way according to what you listen to.

And you have the ability to switch to ambient mode with one click, which is useful, in addition to being able to modify it further through the application.

And you can also take advantage of the aptX Bluetooth codec if you have an Android phone.

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Overall, the RHA TrueControl ANC earbuds are good and suit many people. They provide you with good sound quality and the ANC works. They are a match suitable for general comprehensive use.

And it comes with a limited choice of ear tips, ideal for those with ears that do not fit the status quo.

It also has touch controls that are very effective and can be embarrassing, but if you prefer not to go anywhere near your phone while running, these things will suit you.

But although the build quality is great and comfortable, you may feel a little uncomfortable about having objects in your ears.

Earbuds Buying Link Price Store
RHA TrueControl ANC Check Price $74.95://amzn.to/3dTE9Ij Amazon
SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE Check Price $49.98 Amazon
RHA T20i in-Ear Monitors (Gen. 2) Check Price $74.99 Amazon


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