Roku streambar



Good Stuff

  • Clear and crisp sound
  • 4K media streaming device
  • Compact size

    Bad Stuff

  • Weak bass
  • There is no Dolby Vision

    The Roku streambar review is a really cool little speaker that makes a huge improvement over the speakers built into your TV.

    Fast Talk (Roku streambar)

    Roku’s latest 4k streamer is very different to the other offerings like the express the premiere and the streaming stick.

    because this thing doesn’t just serve up binge-worthy content from the likes of Netflix and Disney plus with glorious ultra HD visuals, but it also spats out incredible audio because it’s a mother flipping sound bar. 

    Now first up the Roku stream bar is incredibly compact compare with a lot of budget alternatives, it’ll quite sit in front of almost any television. 

    otherwise it can also be mount on a wall if that’s your setup. Like the rest of the Roku fan, the stream bar works with basically any TV with a spare HDMI port and the setup is so simple that even an inebriated toddler could probably manage it. 

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    Roku streambar: Small Design with a Simple Black Remote Control

    In terms of design, the Roku Stream Bar is a smaller version of the Roku Smart Soundbar, at 2.4 x 14.0 x 4.2 inches (HWD) and weighs 2.4 lbs.

    It is a small speaker that is easy to place under the TV, as it does not contain controls on the front or top, and it only features one LED indicator in the middle of the front panel. In terms of ports, there is an HDMI port, an optical audio input, a USB port, a connector for the power adapter and a reset button on the back.

    As for the included remote control, it is a simple black stick with a prominent purple directional pad, containing the home screen, back and power buttons above, in addition to a pinhole microphone.

    The remote control contains a few playback controls located at the bottom of the panel, plus a microphone button to use Roku’s voice search feature and the control and mute button.

    There are also dedicated service buttons for Disney +, Hulu, Netflix, and Sling TV located at the bottom.

    If your TV has an HDMI-ARC port, you can use an HDMI connection,

    so that any sound from the TV can sent directly to the speakers,

    in addition to allowing direct volume control through the TV remote control.

    Roku streambar Great Features, Setup Very Simple

    The Setup is so easy, just plug the Roku stream bar into a spare port, then follow the on-screen instructions to get it connect up to your wi-fi and then download any apps that you might need, five minutes is all it takes.

    and in further good news, the Roku stream bar has full ARC support as well, so if you’ve got a spare HDMI ARC port on your TV, then just bang it in there, and then you can use the soundbar to pump out Glorious sound and audio. 

    when you’re using a different device like a sky q box or a games console. 

    although sadly the stream bar is an ARC compatible, so you don’t get to enjoy that glorious Dolby Atmos audio with another device.

    Roku streambar Strong performance
    Roku streambar Strong performance

    now with the stream, you’ve got the usual Roku user interface, this gives you access to all of the big stupid services, Netflix, prime video, Disney plus, even apple TV. 

    Unfortunately Roku looks about as attractive as a warthog’s arse that’s been paint with rouge, definitely a real shame that there’s such limited customization. 

    you’ve got to appreciate the simplicity of it all, the home screen is basically just a tiled selection of your chosen apps which you can rearrange and that is it. just choose whatever you want and away you go.

    Amazing Performance, Powerful Sound

    The Roku Streambar has many advantages. It supports 4K video streaming with support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) in HDR10 and HLG.

    Unfortunately, it does not support Dolby Vision, it only supports Bluetooth technology to stream music directly from your phone or any other device.

    Among the great features also is that the Roku Streambar now supports Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit, and this enables you to stream content directly from an iOS device or Mac to the broadcast bar, in addition to some streaming content from smart phones.

    As for audio, the Streambar four 1.9-inch drivers, two of which are locate on the front while the other two are angled left and right.

    The Roku Streambar has a surprisingly large sound field, thanks to its two angular motors that direct the sound toward the reflection.

    But don’t expect loud bass from the Roku Streambar, as upon testing we found it flirting with distortion at high volume levels.

    But overall, the Roku Streambar offers a nicely balanced feel to the music, where the sounds are clear, for example the opening acoustic guitar pitches get a lot of string texture and a little bit of resonance.

    When we listened to Take What You Want, it was exciting with a lot of high frequency response to give the guitar tones and singing energy.

    We watched Avengers: Endgame, and the result was amazing, with both dialogue and fighting sounds clearly visible, and the soundtrack had a strong and wonderful presence.


    The Roku Streambar brings you an amazing amount of home theater power in a small package. It delivers crisp and clear sound, as well as the ability to improve your viewing experience through TV speakers.

    It also provides you with all the benefits of a Roku 4K media streaming device, as it doesn’t have a lot of bass, but it does have great audio power.

    The Roku Streambar is a good complementary speaker for your TV set, with many advantages to offer.

    But there are other options if you do not need a media streaming device, for example there is TCL Alto 7+ which is another very good speaker that includes a wireless subwoofer, in addition to its great price.


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