Ruling on the US ban on WeChat that was due to take effect

WeChat – On Sunday, Reuters reported that a California judge banned

the Department of Commerce on new downloads of the WeChat messaging app, based in China.

The US magistrate who claims Laurel Piller said in her ruling that users of WeChat showed

“serious and serious questions regarding the merits of the First Amendment lawsuit, and the balancing of hardship advice in favor of the plaintiffs.”

And last Friday, the Commerce Department clarified which strategy it would use to block WeChat and TikTok

that President Trump has been threatening for months:

Since starting at midnight, US users will not be able to download apps from both Apple and Google’s app stores.

But a tentative agreement was reached on Saturday for a new TikTok entity,

TikTok Global, which is part of the Oracle and Walmart partnership,

so the Commerce Department postponed the TikTok ban until September 27.

“The deal gave me my blessing,” the president said.

His outcry was sparked by a group of WeChat users who called themselves the WeChat Alliance,

and it is consider a lawsuit last month, and their reason for that noise was that

the ban violates users’ rights to due process and freedom of expression, which is the right of every citizen.

The lawsuit also indicated that the ban may target Chinese Americans,

given that WeChat is “the primary and only application that Chinese speakers in the United States

use to participate in social life by communicating with their loved ones

or communicating with the surrounding world, sharing special moments, and discussing different ideas between them.

” , Receive up to the minute news, and participate in political discussions and advocacy.

The WeChat Alliance is not affiliate with the company in any official capacity.

Beeler’s initial order also blocked a Department of Commerce order that would have banned US transactions on WeChat.

Although the US government has identified “significant” threats to national security,

there is little evidence that its effective ban on WeChat of all users of this app in the United States addresses these concerns,

“Peller wrote, and so far the Commerce Department has not commented.



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