Coronavirus vaccine

Coronavirus vaccine – On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin blew up the powerful news

that Russia had finally registered a Coronavirus vaccine.

But despite this, this vaccine is still not definitively proven,

as it has not completed critical clinical trials yet to prove that it is safe and effective,

until all other countries circulate it to deter the Coronavirus

Putin also stated that one of his daughters would receive the Coronavirus vaccine and had already received the vaccine,

as the Associated Press quoted Putin as saying: “I participated in the experiment.”

So far, the vaccine, which is made by the Aesthetic Institute, has been tested in relatively small numbers of people.

But phase III has not yet completed clinical trials designed to demonstrate that vaccines can work safely in the general population.

Russia is also moving to vaccinate volunteers, including medical workers and teachers,

while phase III trials are still ongoing, according to the Washington Post.

The Russian vaccine and its concerns

The Russian vaccine includes a live virus that is extremely vulnerable

to injecting genetic material from the Coronavirus into human cells.

As this leads to an immune response from the human body that will help protect people from infection with the Coronavirus in the future.

It’s the same method that the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca use for their vaccine.

What was mentioned to it is that different countries

and research institutions are racing around the world

to be the first to manufacture a vaccine to stop the current Coronavirus pandemic.

 As of this Tuesday morning, more than 20 million people around the world have contracted the virus and more than 730,000 have died.

But experts fear the speed with which a vaccine has not yet been tested on the market will have severe consequences.

The rapid use of an untested vaccine may expose humans to severe consequences

“I hope the Chinese and the Russians will actually test the Coronavirus vaccine before they offer the vaccine to anyone,” Anthony Fauci said at a Congressional hearing last month.

But what we were told was that there are three main concerns related to the Russian vaccine release, which has not yet been proven to the public.

Where the vaccine may be unsafe or have dangerous side effects, it may cause people serious health damage,

and even if no side effects appear, this is not evidence of the success of the vaccine,

as if the vaccine does not succeed, people may move across the world with a false sense of safety,

which may lead To exacerbate the spread of the disease.



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