S11 Kids Smartwatch


Kids Smartwatch

Good Stuff

  • Easy group chat
  • High-performance battery
  • clear call / precise positioning
  • sound is louder

    Bad Stuff

    S11 Kids Smartwatch – The S11 is a smart kids toy, it has a waterproof feature and a music feature, suitable for both boys and girls.


    Brand Namegreentiger
    Screen ShapeSQUARE
    Case MaterialPlastic
    Display Size1.4 inch
    FeatureSupport play games, Support music play, Support TF card
    Battery Capacity>450mAh

    S11 Kids Smartwatch Features: Cool Design, Thin Body

    S11 Kids Smartwatch Design and Colors
    • It has many wonderful and useful features that suit your child, as it has a clear recall, it is also a small toy for children, and it has a very long battery life, in addition to the wonderful design that it has, as it has a very thin body and equipped with a cooling wear.
    • In terms of design, it has a very practical design that is extremely thin, as it is 13.8 mm, and has vibrant colors that suit your child with a soft and delicate touch.
    • It allows you a two-way call, and this feature produces you clear and stable sound, as we noticed that the sound is louder and you can hear it in noisy environments, due to the unique antenna design, in addition to that there are multiple calibrations to ensure stable calls.
    • The voice chat is also great, which makes communication more comfortable, as it is an easier process and clearer sound.
    • As for the battery, it is one of the great features of the watch, as a high-performance battery is available, allowing you to have a longer standby time, in addition to the charging speed and higher performance, which eliminates the need for daily charging, and it takes two hours to fully charge.
    • Built-in mini-games are also available in the watch, which is a great feature for children. It also has a waterproof rating: IP67 waterproof.

    Smartwatches Review:

    S11 Kids Smartwatch Performance: Games, Contacts , Music

    slide to the left or right in the standby interface to enter the Main menu, and select contacts and click to enter, you can select Dad or mother or friends. 

    you can select Set Number, all you must do is enter the number input interface, and enter the corresponding on the interface to call out the corresponding call. 

    but you have to know that a maximum of 10 contacts can be stored. 

    S11 Kids Smartwatch Features

    If you want to do a quick dial, all you need to do is go to the main menu, and select (phone) and click to enter, and after entering the number on the dial pad interface, press the dial button to call out the call directly. 

    you can also take a photo by selecting the camera and entering the preview interface, and clicking the left button to take the photo. 

    There are seven games installed in the watch, for example there’s 2048, and there’s a popular digital game, and it’s so easy, all you can do is swipe up, down, left or right to move the titles across the board.

    and there’s also Ultimate racing, Mario eats gold, Car Grab Goods, Bee War. 

    and about the music, you can copy songs via USB Connection must be in power-off state, but only the music files in “My music” folder can be played.

    The watch also has been tested by an authoritative third-party testing agency.


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