Samsung conference: Galaxy Buds headphones revealed
Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds + headset looks at the company’s conference and comes with new improvements and a better battery than the previous generation.

Samsung announced at the conference today to unveil the Galaxy S20 series and the foldable Z Flip phone,

its new wireless speaker, Galaxy Buds

The speaker comes as an update to the Galaxy Buds version

with mainly battery level improvements and some other benefits.

It weighs approximately 6.3 grams

and supports Bluetooth 5 technology.

It supports fast link support and communication with more than one device at the same time

The new Galaxy Buds + has 3 call microphones and 2 speakers

and it supports noise or noise isolation during calls.

It also comes with an 85 mAh battery

which provides support for calls up to 7.5 hours

while allowing audio files to be played for up to 11 hours

In its case or box, it adds a 270 mAh battery

which allows it to charge the speaker about 3 times when needed

It also has a USB C port and supports fast charging technology

and Samsung says that 3 minutes charging contributes to running the headset about an hour of time.

The new Samsung wireless speaker also adds wireless charging technology

Besides, the speaker supports IPX2 water resistance technology

Samsung Galaxy Buds

and touch control feature, and includes LED to illuminate the speaker when working.

The headset will be available at a price of $ 149, and will in turn support Android and iOS operating systems to reach all users.

Quandt also confirms other specs that leaked recently: each earbud has a woofer

and a tweeter, with 22 hours of battery life when used with the bundled charging case.

Bluetooth 5 comes as standard, as does Qi wireless charging.

They should cost $169/€169, which is slightly pricier than their predecessors.

The original Samsung Galaxy Buds were a huge disappointment

only earning two stars in our review.

Whether this new model will be able to compete with other wireless earbuds rivals

such as the Apple AirPods Pro and Sony WF-1000XM3 remains to be seen



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