Samsung controls
Samsung controls

Samsung – A new report revealed the rise of Samsung’s share in the global markets of 5G smartphone shipments,

as the Korean giant controls 74% of 5G phone shipments.

Some reports began to monitor the performance of smartphone manufacturers in the markets at the end of 2019, Samsung 74% of 5G

and some companies have provided good performance in smartphone shipments with 5G technology in particular,

Samsung 74% of 5G

as this category has achieved rapid spread in the recent period.

The DigiTimes report revealed Samsung’s control of 5G phone shipments with the largest share, Samsung controls 74% of 5G

as the Korean company achieved sales of 3.2 million units of 5G phones in the third quarter of 2019, or 74% of phone shipments in global markets.

5G phones have achieved a total sales of 4.3 million units,

and Samsung has made sales of 5G phones in the third quarter compared to the second quarter in which the Korean giant achieved shipments of 1.5 million units.

On the other hand, Chinese giants control only 17% of 5G phone shipments in global markets, during the third quarter of 2019.



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