Samsung – On the sidelines of the CES 2020 exhibition, Samsung presented a completely new screen that is turning its way to streaming paired smartphone content called Sero Sero,

which the South Korean tech giant has described as a television designed for a mobile phone generation.

Sero TV comes 43 inches in 4K resolution,

and it can automatically switch between landscape (default) and portrait mode depending on what is being displayed, making users able to watch Instagram stories,

Tic-tac videos,

Snapchat content as well as personal videos from their mobile phone on A relatively large screen without black bars on the left and right sides.

And Sero Sero TV appeared for the first time last April in South Korea,

and the company launched it last May at a price of 1630 dollars,

but it was limited to South Korea, and according to the company believes that the idea of ​​this device deserves to be presented globally,

the company has presented it and announced that it is coming to the rest of the world this year.

The lightweight device frame is linked to an integrated and non-removable stand that contains a 60-watt speaker system,

and Samsung indicates that the device is small enough to fit into a bookcase,

and a Samsung spokesman said:

This TV fits anywhere for customers who try to combine it with the room’s decor.

Sero TV is connected to the phone via NFC technology and is compatible with Apple’s AirPlay 2 standard,

which allows iOS owners to transfer content to the TV over the wireless network, Samsung

but they must use the attached remote control supporting the Bixby voice assistant to switch the screen mode manually,

while Galaxy phone owners can use their devices with Sero instantly to broadcast content to the screen.

The TV displays images, stickers,

and other content or visual images accompanying music through a feature called Sound Wall when Sero is not actively used.

Sero is the latest addition from Samsung to the collection of “lifestyle” televisions that includes Serif,

which is designed to match the aesthetic of the living room and comes in three sizes 43, 49 and 55 inches, and The Frame,

which displays artwork when video content is not played and comes in sizes 75 50 and 32 inches.


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