Photo include Galaxy buds Live Design in the box

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live features a well balanced, clear sound, with active noise cancellation, and unleashes a unique design we have not seen before as it is in the form of a bean.


1- Great sound
2- Full of features
3- Active noise cancellation


Low IP rating

Galaxy Buds Live Features

Galaxy Buds Live: Getting the perfect fit | Samsung
2 mm woofer with bass channel
Open design
IPX2 waterproof (splash and sweat resistant)
Integrated charging status
Three microphones and an audio capture unit
8 hours battery life with ANC off (6 hours with ANC off)
5 minutes fast charging gives you one hour of battery life
Available on August 6 in 3 color options (Mystic White, Mystic Black, and Mystic Bronze)
Wireless charging and USB-C charging
Active Type Noise Canceling
Price: $ 170, £ 179
Features Table

Galaxy Buds Live Design

Samsung has added a new name to the true wireless earphones collection, available in three colors which are Classic White, Glossy Black and Glossy Gold, and this color seems flaring in my opinion.

Samsung allows Android as well as iOS support and full features as well as usability capabilities whether you are using Apple or an Android ecosystem.

The headphone comes with a matching charging case. Although the condition is very small, it is thicker.

The headset is uniquely designed, as it resembles a peanut or a kidney-like bud that does not resemble any other wireless bud.

Each earphone contains touch-sensitive sensors, which can record a single, double or triple click serving various actions such as play and pause, as well as skipping the tracks back and forth.


Samsung added several features that keep Buds Live connected and in sync with your device.

The first is Bluetooth 5, in order to maintain a reliable and connected audio broadcast without worrying about interruption, and it also features another feature and the Scalable Codec feature that will prevent audio interruption by changing the pre-modified broadcast according to the strength of the bluetooth connection.

The expandable codec automatically encodes the audio information with a higher compression ratio if the wireless connection is weak, allowing the headphones to receive data without interruption at all.

And if we talk about the sound quality in our preliminary tests, it is very good. There is no bass and no triple.

The AKG powered subwoofer of these 12mm headphones with bass channel sounds clear and deep for a balanced output.

To reduce the feeling of absorption that you can get after long sessions of listening to music, playing or watching movies with headphones, Samsung has added a ventilation hole.

Noise Cancelling

galaxy buds live noise cancelling

For the first time, a pair of Samsung Earbuds headphones feature noise cancellation. This was the highlight of the AirPods Pro.

 I think the main reason for updating the headphones is the noise canceling feature, as rumors also say that Samsung shareholders appear to be unhappy with the lack of an ANC found in Buds + at the annual shareholders meeting earlier this year.

The app that comes with Buds Live also gives you a good effort, which is “Find My Earbuds”, which, as found in Buds +.

It allows you to track any missing pair by making a noise.

The EQ section of the app also allows users to adjust Buds Live audio to equalizer settings ‘Normal’, ‘Bass Boost’, ‘Soft’, ‘Dynamic’, ‘Clear’ and ‘Treble Boost’ as well.

Galaxy Buds Live is rated IPX2 which means that they should be able to resist the bizarre spray as well as the sweat, but it’s not completely waterproof.

Galaxy Buds Live Charging

galaxy buds live Charging

A USB-C port is located on the back of the case as usual for charging, but instead, you can also charge it wirelessly.

 The box also comes with an LED lamp inside and outside the box to inform you of the charge status of the case as well as earphones.

Qi wireless charging is also available. If you have a wireless PowerShare compatible smartphone

(like Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Ultra or Galaxy Note 20),

the Buds will ship directly from your phone as well, which is a very good and practical feature.

Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live supports fast charging,

which can provide about an hour of gameplay, and provides only five minutes of charging.

When fully charged, the earphones are expected to continue to use for about six hours

and the battery case cover can provide more than two full charges,

which means that you can expect approximately 20 hours of operation with Buds Live and the case is fully charged, and this is impressive for Mine.

Our Verdict

in Conclusion Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is a good pair of buds for all Android users.

There is also an advantage that while working with iOS as well, you may be in better shape

with AirPods if you own an iPhone due to better integration into Apple’s ecosystem.

The headphone also provides clear and balanced sound that is far from interference,

and you can set it as you want with the Galaxy Wearable app and maintain a strong wireless connection to our phone, thanks to Bluetooth 5.



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