Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is an Android tablet that features a great screen

and great performance as well, it’s great for media and good for almost any productivity.

Just a glance

While the rest of the industry may have given up on making premium Android tablets, Samsung isn’t quitting just yet. 

I still believe Google software has the potential to power super thin and light productivity oriented to once.  

and so it recently unveiled a new version of its hybrid tablet.

the Galaxy tab S6 is a 10.5 inch device, that’s designed for people who need to get work done on the go. 

it comes with an upgraded s-pen that features air gestures for remote control for your apps. 

enhance handwriting recognition to sort out your notes. and a redesigned optional keyboard cover. 

as with previous Samsung tablets you can also expect a beautiful display, long battery life and capable performance.


  • Beautiful Super AMOLED screen
  • Fast performance
  • The premium S Pen comes standard


  • Samsung’s One UI is still not perfect
  • There is no headphone jack
  • Expensive for an Android tablet


Touchscreen Multi-Touch
Multi-Touch Display Technology Super AMOLED
Native Resolution2560 x 1600
Image Aspect Ratio16:10
MEMORY Storage128gb
User Available Memory Flash106.2 GB
Specifications Table


we have a gorgeous 10.5 inch OLED HDR 10 plus  display, it’s not only capable of playing 1440p YouTube. 

but also an HDR which looks absolutely brilliant and this is something

that isn’t supported with the S5 II that along with the 16 by 10 aspect ratio

makes it clearly more suitable for video than the major tablet brand. 

Galaxy Tab S6 Features

base storage of Galaxy Tab S6 is at a proper amount for 2019 128 gigabytes, and that is paired with six gigs of RAM. 

but for a reasonable $80 that can actually be brought up to 256 gigs of storage with 8 gigs of ram.

and if somehow we start running out of room do not worry, you can add more storage later with cheap micro SD card expansion.

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Galaxy Tab S6 holding it in your hands feels fantastic, that just started out flat

than taking on a subtle curve which actually makes it more comfortable in the hand than either the iPad pro or the air. 

it weighs only 430 grams and that with a five point five millimeter thinnest,

makes it feel almost weightless in your hands. 

that’s practically the same weight as the s5 II, even though this has s-pen support and other hardware improvements. 

i really praise the s5 ease quad speakers which bested all iPad and surprisingly Stamps. 

Samsung went for an under display fingerprint reader this time,

and it’s quite a bit faster and more consistent than the ultrasonic sensors in their flagship phones. 

That is because it’s using an optical design that requires a screen to be turned on

at first, but I would definitely take this trade-off for the faster and more reliable sensor.


Galaxy Tab S6 S Pen one major value proposition is the inclusion of the s-pen

in the box which has a button on it, and is charged magnetically on the back. 

it stays in place fairly well, and won’t fall out but it can be bumped off.

galaxy tab s6 s pen
galaxy tab s6 s pen

when using it you can also attach it on the side for quick storage. 

i like the soft tip and it works fairly well, but there’s noticeable lag especially if you draw or write quickly.

Keyboard and kickstand

If you buy Samsung’s keyboard, there’s a magnetic slot which will keep it in place perfectly. 

and in general i really like the keyboard other than one complaint.

Samsung’s new keyboard is fairly innovative for an Galaxy Tab S6 because it features a multi-touch trackpad. 

galaxy tab s6 keyboard
galaxy tab s6 keyboard

now it’s small and it does take some time to get used to and even then it won’t match a great laptop. 

but for those looking for a laptop like experience, it’s really nice to have especially with Dex. 

I absolutely love the kickstand which is super adjustable with just the right amount of tension. 

This is much more usable than the iPad pro’s keyboard.

and i love the fact that you can remove the keys and just use the stand by itself along with the s-pen holder. 

the actual keys themselves are just okay, i didn’t love them at first, but after typing for about an hour, so I started to get used to them. 

I really wish that they were slightly larger, especially for the number keys. 

and i wish they weren’t as kind of scrunched over to the left-hand side to make room for those extra keys. 

also it’s quite pricey, the same price as the iPad pro’s keyboard, but for those who do a lot of typing, it will be a nobler.


my biggest complaint with the s5e was the CPU and even more so the graphics which limited performance and longevity. 

Samsung packed a Snapdragon 855 into this thin chassis and while it’s not as powerful as the iPad pro which beats out a lot of laptops the real-world performance was quite good. 

I added a handful of 24 megapixel RAW images with room and it did fantastic. 

the only time i noticed it being slower than iPad pro is when demonising through our images. but even that was a slight difference. 

exporting 10 RAE images was actually quite a bit faster with the tap at 6, I’m not sure why but that was the case. 

it also performed quite well in games, the only time we noticed a difference was in the most demanding titles like asphalt 9. 

and in most games it’s very similar as far as the experience.

now one area dusting and out is the comfort when you’re gaming for a long time, because of those curved edges. 

so all this sounds fantastic so far, but where are the downsides.

well mainly it’s with Android, and not even with Android by itself but the apps not being optimized for tablets.

Our Verdict

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is one of the best Android tablets, it is considered a powerful media playback hub, thanks to its beautiful screen, strong internal parts and excellent audio output.

It is considered one of the best Android productivity devices, thanks to its impressive specifications and great performance, along with the provisions of the wonderful S Pen from Samsung.

the hardware itself is fantastic, but if software developers aren’t optimizing the experience. 

in apps your experience is going to be worse than with iPad OS, which is much more popular overall. 

in lightroom mobile the s-pen button didn’t do anything, whereas with the Apple pencil i could just tap it to swap tools.

Samsung has a secret weapon with their tablets and that’s decks which is a PC like interface that cannot be used with or without a display. 

and this is great if you want to be very flexible with multitasking.

and unlike the iPad you can actually use it with full mouth support and of course the trackpad which is fantastic.



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