Photo include Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Design and S Pen

Galaxy Tab S7 Plus – Samsung has mastered the design of this device as it did everything it could on the Tab S7 Plus, and if you are okay with Android on the tablet then it would be the most assertive option.


Great OLED screen
Excellent design
Fast performance


Only one port
Android lacks high-quality tablet apps

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Features

Weight 575g
Dimensions285 x 185 x 5.7mm
Display size12.4-inch
Resolution2800 x 1752
Refresh rate120Hz
ChipsetSnapdragon 865+
Storage128GB / 256GB
OSAndroid 10
Rear camera13MP + 5MP
Front camera8MP
Specs Table

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Design

The design of any device is characterized by its large screen, slim frame and flat sides.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus has it all, and runs the game by being thinner and lighter than the 12.9-inch iPad.

It weighs 575g and is very light, so you can hold it with both hands. It is also amazingly thin at only 5.7mm, making it the thinnest tablet we’ve used.

The amazing condition that you have on this board is the bookcase keyboard, which is much better than last year’s model that used strange adhesives to attach to the back.


the exterior of the device hasn’t changed much from last year’s model, but the front facing camera is not positioned in a way, so that’s on top in landscape mode. 

the new screen is 120 hertz, ammo led, high ppi, it’s a fantastic visual experience m and because it’s got a high refresh screen, stuff just looks super fluid on it.  

now I’ve talked about in phone videos how a high refresh screen isn’t super important, because on a phone, i mean scrolling is nice. 

but when it comes to a tablet a high refresh screen makes a huge difference, especially when there’s a pen or an s pen involving, and this is one of the reasons why i like iPad pro. 

Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Hardware

The hardware is packed with some powerful stuff, the snapdragon 865 plus, six gigs of ram, 128 gigs of storage. 

and also has a new 120hz display panel which is a smoother and more fluid visual experience. 

and also has a new s pen and a new keyboard. the hardware on this thing is excellent, as a media consumption device, this thing is awesome.

The speakers are very loud, very clear there’s two on each side. 

It’s a very nice audio experience, if you’re watching movies, you’re listening to music, anything that has to do with sound, this thing does really well.

S Pen

Galaxy Tab S7 Plus S pen

when you’re drawing or just doing any kind of creative work with the pencil or a pen. 

and there’s no lag. It just makes the whole pen and tablet experience so much better. 

and this year they’ve reduced the latency on the s pen to nine milliseconds, it’s super fast. 

when you draw with this thing, it really feels like there’s no perceptible latency between the pen and the screen. 

It’s just so much better than last year’s model, now when you’re done with it, it just goes into the back of the device.

it stores magnetically. it doesn’t have a divot on the back of the screen like last year’s model, it just attaches onto a flush surface.

Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Keyboard

Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Keyboard

The more important thing is the keyboard. This is a way better keyboard than last year’s model, this types similarly to a surface device. 

it’s not as good i definitely prefer the surface keyboard, but the layout is on point, and it just feels appropriate. 

like the responsiveness of the key is nice. it doesn’t have backlighting which is unfortunate and the keyboard also does not tilt up like surface keyboards, also unfortunate but overall typing experience is good. 


if you’re using an iPad, if you’re holding it your hand, and if you have it connected to. 

keyboard, and you’re doing work on it, it’s the same ui. and multitasking on iPad os doesn’t feel particularly efficient, and same thing with windows tables. 

when it comes to the surface devices, it’s why they’re great as laptops but they’re not the best media consumption devices. 

when it comes to handle use. with dex it allows the device to be a really good tablet and a really good laptop.

because the ui can switch to an environment where there’re multiple windows that you can move around and resize however which way you want, and that’s so useful. 

like there’s a reason why Microsoft Windows has that stuff, there’s a reason why mac os has that stuff.

because resizable Windows, movable windows is so useful when you’re trying to get stuff done.

and that’s always been one of the biggest shortcomings of iPad, because iPad os doesn’t allow true or proper multitasking.

Battery Life

battery life on this thing is pretty solid, it’s easy 10 hours, if you wanted to you could probably hit.

like 13, 14 if you lower the screen brightness, but at like the three quarter mark, so i just ran the test 10 hours in a little bit, it’s pretty solid. 

Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Performance

There are some disadvantages with Samsung’s tablets, there’s two things that come to mind both software related. 

number one the apps, ipads just have a more robust, app selection developers probably feel more comfortable, more confident in developing.

for this user base because there’s so many tablets like ios tablet users out there. 

secondly Samsung’s support for their hardware, it’s like a comfortable two years, and u don’t know if that’s but you always get two years of great support and then afterwards, it’s hit or miss.

dex is the platform that Samsung has that allows you to use their android devices in an environment that’s more windows like right. 

it’s got a taskbar, it’s got windows that you can resize and stuff like that, it’s a very productivity focused platform.


we’ll talking today about the new Samsung galaxy tablets, 

If you’d asked me before today, what is the best tablet out there? i would have said without a doubt on my mind for sure iPad pro.

because this is the best hardware, the best experience, the best supported thing out there. 

but this product the Samsung tab s7 plus is in my opinion the first tablet out there that can legitimately compete with the iPad pro’s, like it’s that good. 

this is for sure the best Android tablet, not a very difficult achievement to a hit, but i think for many people this is actually the better choice and the more practical choice over the iPad pro.



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