Samsung HW-Q70R Soundbar
Samsung HW-Q70R
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Samsung HW-Q70R comes with many advantages to provide you with a great viewing experience, it also has the improvement of the company’s Acoustic Beaming technology and delivers an immersive cinematic audio capability.

Samsung HW-Q70R: Fast Talk

The Samsung HW-Q70R is a sound device designed to maintain with the giant Korean QLED TVs 2019,

and we are very excited about this audio device, especially after our great experience with the amazing Samsung HW-M650,

which has won many awards thanks to its wonderful technology and amazing features.

Samsung HW-Q70R is a similar version of last year’s HW-N650, but with many improvements, such as support for Dolby Atmos and DTS: X, in addition to Acoustic Beaming.

The Samsung HW-Q70R audio device comes at a price of $ 800 / £ 800 / AU $ 1099.

The price might be a little high, but the Samsung HW-Q70R is aim at all movie fans and gamers in general, regardless of the TV they own.

But we cannot deny that the Samsung HW-Q70R is expensive, but the availability of 3.1.2 channel speakers is sufficient to justify the cost, as it is firmly built, contains a host of features, and supports Dolby Atmos and DTS: X.


  • Great immersive sound stage
  • Enhanced subwoofer
  • Great with movies and games
  • It looks good and is well made


  • Limited connections
  • Only one HDMI input

Key Specifically

Dimensions1100(w) x 59(h) x 100(d)mm
Speaker configuration3.1.2
Claimed audio power330W
ConnectionsHDMI input and output with ARC, optical digital audio input, Bluetooth 

Samsung HW-Q70R: Elegant and Smooth Design

The design of the Samsung HW-Q70R audio device is almost identical to that of the N650, it is a very thin and elegant speaker with a low form factor of only 59 mm high, it is consider a neat piece under your screen, it has a very impressive build quality and is commensurate with its price. Metal mesh on top and front, along with attractive metallic finish to the edges and sides.

Samsung HW-Q70R Design
Image Credit: Samsung

Samsung HW-Q70R is mainly use with Samsung QLED 2019 TVs, but in general it will be completed with most TVs, not just the Q70R.

You can mount the magnifier on the wall or place it under the screen, as the device includes custom brackets, screws, and a template.

The Samsung HW-Q70R audio system on the front has a simple LED screen on the right that lights up when using the controls, which is extremely useful, as it provides basic information on volume, input and sound modes.

To the right of this screen is the final panel, which contains some basic controls.

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Samsung HW-Q70R: Powerful Subwoofer with Useful Remote Control

As for the remote control, it is the main device that Samsung uses with its own speakers, and it is exquisitely designed, as it is ergonomically designed and contains all the necessary buttons placed.

In terms of ports, at the bottom of the sound bar, there is an HDMI input, an HDMI output with ARC, and an optical digital audio input, in addition to a USB port for firmware updates and a power adapter connector.

Samsung HW-Q70R remote Control
Image Credit: Samsung

The Samsung HW-Q70R also comes with a wireless subwoofer that measures 205 x 403 x 403mm and weighs 9.8kg.

This subwoofer has an 8 ” side motor, and it pairs with the tape automatically, and you can adjust the bass levels using the remote control.

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Features: Capabilities 

The Samsung HW-Q70R has a 3.1.2 channel speaker configuration, the required frequency range from 35Hz to 20kHz, with a total claimed power of 330W.

There are also three front speakers, and this means that the sound bar has a central channel dedicated to dialogue.

Acoustic Beaming is a pair of loudspeakers that produce loudspeaker, which delivers highly effective results.

Samsung HW-Q70R support Dolby atoms

The active wireless subwoofer uses a newly designed bass-reflex model 8-inch side motor and has a rear port to provide an impressive amount of bass extension.

The Samsung HW-Q70R audio device provides support for both Dolby Atmos and DTS: X, in addition to IMAX Enhanced DTS: X.

In terms of ports, there is only HDMI that can handle 4K / 60p, 4: 4: 4, HDCP 2.2, and High Dynamic Range, but support for one port is a little disappointing, but the consolation here is that the amplifier supports eARC with lossless sound.

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Various modes

The Samsung HW-Q70R offers four sound modes: Standard, Surround, Game Pro, and Adaptive Sound, which in turn help produce superb and clear sound, especially Adaptive Sound, as it is a new feature that analyzes the incoming sound to give you the best audio performance on a scene by scene basis. Sharpness, that’s absolutely cool.

The speaker also provides a surround mode that gives a greater sense of coverage to movies and TV series.

As for our experience with games, you will find many great features if you use a PS4 or Xbox One and you also have a Samsung TV, as when the TV detects that there is a game console connected via HDMI, it automatically switches to gaming mode, and the Samsung HW-Q70R will choose the mode Game Pro automatically.

There are also many other features, for example there is a SmartThings app to set up and run the HW-Q70R, and it also works with Amazon Alexa.

The Samsung HW-Q70R offers support for lost and immovable audio formats including AAC, WAV, OGG, ALAC, AIFF and FLAC, plus a choice of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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Samsung HW-Q70R Performance: Very detailed and bold voice

In terms of performance, the Samsung HW-Q70R offers you superb audio performance, thanks to the wide and bold soundstage that is suitable for movies and games.

When we auditioned, we watched Baby Drive, the music was spreading on both sides of the screen.

The woofer creates the illusion that sounds are emanating over you, plus the subwoofer gives you a boost to the bass, although this mega-low frequency bass is effectively integrated.

And when you turn on Dolby Atmos, it delivers the movie’s impressive power with all the force the system can muster and creates a full frontal attack, and the dialogue that took place in the movie was clear and focused.

Samsung HW-Q70R also has a heavy nature of overall sound, and this range extends only to the first third of the room.

We also tested the Adaptive Sound mode, which has proven particularly effective at optimizing almost any content, presenting dialogue in more detail, and Surround Mode creates a more enveloping experience.

In terms of Game Pro mode, it was equally impressive, pushing you into the world of everything you play, and providing you with a great experience in more detail.

The Samsung HW-Q70R is also a great speaker when it comes to music, with two-channel sound with amazing fidelity.

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The Samsung HW-Q70R is a great speaker from a Ghanaian company that is well known in the field of sound, and this subwoofer delivers superb sound thanks to its 3.1.2 channel speaker configuration and support for Dolby Atmos and DTS: X.

There are also great drivers available, which help to provide extremely effective, dialogue preserves crystal clarity, plus a redesigned subwoofer gives you some very deep bass.

The Samsung HW-Q70R provides you with a large open audio space, which makes it suitable for larger screen sizes.

Soundbar Buying Link Price Store
Samsung HW-Q70R Check Price $800 Amazon


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