SCUF H1 headset Review
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If you are a conscious gamer, who likes to customize things and prefers comfortability over anything else. Then the SCUF H1 headset is especially for you. The SCUF H1 gives you a very good sound quality.

That works perfectly with PS4 and PS5 as it is very easy to read and very user-friendly.

Fitted with an all-inclusive earphone jack, adaptable padding earpads, an engineered, customizable calfskin headband. And pleasant thick volume control that is so the material you can mess with it.

Even in the center of a firefight most would agree SCUF knows precisely the crowd it needs. 

The genuine gamer will stick to their screen/TV for quite a long time at a time. And the solace factor of the SCUF H1 fights to oblige that. This analyst has a genuinely huge head, and frequently headsets begin to squeeze and strain following a couple of hours.

In any case, even following a four-hour meeting of Call of Duty: Warzone. The SCUF H1 fits like a fantasy – regardless of whether it’s at risk to overheat your ears a touch. The mouthier gamers on the planet should keep the mic well away from your lips.

However – this thing gets pops and plosives with happiness. And that may not be so lovely for different players in your anteroom.

SCUF H1 headset Design 

Maybe the greatest draw of the SCUF H1 is enormous. Delicate ear cushions sit over the drivers and permit solace for quite a long time of play at a time. Lightweight edges and movable fit pair pleasantly with the adaptable padding earpads. To make a headset that truly follows through on the solace factor.

The attractive plates that fly on and off the outside of the ear cups are incredible. And make for some pleasant customization choices – at the end of the day, they’re a lovely futile component.

SCUF H1 headset design
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The mic that joins through the underside of the left earcup; can be uni-or omnidirectional. Depends upon your arrangement, giving you a touch more control of the last look of the headset. 

While the 6-foot 3.5mm sound link that boats with the headset are long. And the volume control on it is fair. However, toward the day’s end, it’s a long sound link – so its days are innately number. This implies it bears the cost of you a ton of opportunity and adaptability.

When you’re connecting to your Xbox or PlayStation cushion… however not however much a really remote headset would. How much this disturbs you comes down to. Whether you care about the compromise among idleness and utility among wired and remote headsets.

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Audio performance

The speakers accompany accuracy-tuned 50mm high-thickness neodymium speaker drivers. Which are ready to push through the mids more than whatever else (standard in a gaming headset).

This implies, essentially, you can hear the basic commotions in games: strides, reloads, pings, etc are totally conveying with clearness and sharp phrasing.

This comes at the expense of a strong, full-range sound profile. In case you’re playing non-serious games or paying attention to music. However at that point, this is a headset focused on aggressive gamers, so that will be normal. Play Call of Duty or a comparative shooter with the SCUF H1 and you’ll hear it at its best, without a doubt. 

You can see Corsair is the cerebrum behind this equipment. The sound is basically the same as its own line of items. And that ought to be sufficient to sell anybody on how respectable it sounds. The sound conveyance isn’t great, yet it doesn’t do anything especially seriously, by the same token.

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Microphone and connectivity

SCUF H1 headset Mic and Speakers
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A separable microphone is a quite huge sell for any wired headset. And it implies you can take off from the house wearing the thing without resembling an insane person.

The SCUF H1’s unidirectional and Omnidirectional mics are both of good quality. However, nor will perform like a devoted streaming mic. In case that is the thing that you’re into. All things considered.

We tried the Omni-directional variant and besides over-touchy spikes with regards to plosives. Our partners in games commended the clearness of the voice while utilizing this headset. 

It’s important, however, that the mic exists the headset apparently willingly twice while we were looking into it. As comedic for what it’s worth. That could cost significant players a game on the off chance.

That they can’t get down on a foe place to stay or somewhere in the vicinity on – remember that. And maybe track down a superior way of getting the fly in the mic if that turns into a steady issue for you.

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SCUF H1 headset Verdict

The SCUF H1 is a simple decision of headset for gamers that esteem measured customization over whatever else. It might come up short on a portion of the fancy odds and ends of the further developed remote headsets available. However, essentially it’s a top-level headset with regards to comfort.

Assuming you need to plug your headset straightforwardly into your PlayStation or Xbox cushion then. At that point, take it with you for use with your PC or telephone, the SCUF H1 is an optimal sidekick.

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