Sonos One

Sonos loudspeaker is an elegantly designed, accurate, modern device with many features and great sound that combines the best of both ecosystems.

You have voice assistants who are constantly improving, including Alexa and Google Assistant.


Rich full-bodied sound
Alexa / Google Assistant
Plays music while Alexa is muted
AirPlay 2 support




Review Price: £199
Sonos multi room audio
Trueplay room calibration
Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility


Setting up the Sonos One is a bit more complicated than the regular Echo, but not by the extreme

In the beginning, the process will involve installing both Sonos and Alexa applications,

and you will need to log into both Sonos and Amazon accounts as well,

in addition to any other music streaming services or accounts that you may want to listen to using the loudspeaker.

There is a treble and bass volume adjustment, which you can manually adjust for your subwoofer if you have more detailed preferences, although their default levels are very good.

There is also a process called the “Trueplay Tuning” process,

which in turn requires you to walk around the room with your phone while the speaker is playing for a number of test sounds.


Alexa and Google Assistant are completely more integrated than many competitors,

Although you can switch off the playback but it is really nice to hear them.

The Alexa implementation was particularly good too, as you could talk to One just as you would an Amazon Echo,

but instead of having to say “Alexa, play Bowie on Sonos,”

you could simply say “Alexa, play Bowie,” and one of his classics would appear. Than one.

As for voice control over the music in other rooms, all you have to do is just specify the location and the person will send the music to the Sonos group that you attributed to that “area”.

 And also a Sonos speaker that supports Alexa, such as PlayBar or Play: 5. “Alexa, Play Bowie Everywhere” sets all Sonos speakers to simultaneous Ziggy Stardust mode.

Sonos One only launched Amazon Music support but also added Spotify, Deezer, TuneIn, and Audible voice control into the mix, which is pretty cool.

One of the features I liked a lot during the test is that you can also use Alexa or Google Assistant on One, just as you would on Amazon Echo or Google Home, in addition to playing the music as you want.

Then you can set timers and alerts, and check the weather.


The design of the Sonos One is characterized by that it relies on a single smart speaker, a number of improvements have been made, as at the top you will find a touch surface which is much more elegant than the Play, as it contains three buttons for volume, play and pause.

If you swipe left or right, it will help you skip forward and backward through the current playlist,

but if you tap in the middle of the surface it will play the music and pause it. Either clicking on the left and right halves of the panel to increase and decrease the volume.

sonos one Design

The physical controls are great with Sonos’ speakers especially when you want to skip a fast lane, they are pretty smooth controls, but you’re unlikely to use them much.

Sonos has equipped the headphones with six built-in microphones to facilitate voice listening and also to allow them to hear your voice.

On the top of the device there is a luminous LED indicator, its job is to indicate power along with a small light to notify you when Alexa is listening.

The second LED was connected to the microphones, and Sonos promised users that the microphones could not hear you if they were not lit.


With Sonos One, you get heavy-duty, full-bodied delivery with loud, clear, and distortion-free audio.

As for the sound stage, it is spacious and organized in an impressive and impressive way, and also provides a large space for the singing to breathe, making it instantly more attractive and bright.

And when we tested the instruments, they popped up in a dazzling stereo look from either side of the singer.

sonos one Connections

It is somewhat complicated and natural in this respect and brings out the details to a great extent.

One’s weight makes a deep, solid sound for a subwoofer of this size, there’s also a rhythm big enough to keep up with Trivium’s Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr, and there’s enough color shading also to make the most of Flea’s finest Red Hot Chili Peppers bass.

As for Treble, it is very clear and pure, as it treads a fine line between excitement and ruthlessness.

Our verdict

That the Sonos One is the best Alexa speaker on the planet and the best Google Assistant speaker too.

It has the sound quality that is higher than what is available on the current generation of Echo devices from Amazon.

It’s also a speaker that also surprisingly integrates with the rest of the multi-room Sonos lineup.

Unfortunately it was launched without support for the world’s most popular streaming service, Spotify, but Sonos is glorified for releasing the update in time.

The speaker is now just as effective as the Amazon Echo for playing your music.



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