DSC HX300 Camera
DSC HX300 Camera

The Sony DSC-HX300 is a compact DSLR-style camera built around a 50x optical zoom lens. It features a tunnel-type optical viewfinder and manual controls.

Fast Talk (DSC-HX300)

The Sony DSC-HX300 shares many of the features in the HX200 in Sony’s ultra-fast zoom range, but the new version contains several upgrades as well, for example offering a feature that expands the zoom to 50x with a 35mm equivalent range from 24-1200 Mm.

To match the increased zoom, the sensor has also been updated with a higher resolution of 20.4 megapixels, and the new sensor supports a larger sensitivity range of up to 12800 ISO. To record movies.

The Sony DSC-HX300 features a 3-inch tilting LCD screen, a 201k-dot electronic viewfinder compared to its predecessor, and it also has an interchangeable lens.
The HX300 is the world’s first camera with 50x optical zoom.

The Sony DSC-HX300 features a Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar f2.8-f6.3 / 24mm-1200mm design with autofocus (AF) for better performance, the HX300 ejects from the starting gate with a maximum aperture faster than most of its competitors.

The Sony DSC-HX300 is roughly the same price as its competitors, with a price tag of about $ 450.00.

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Key Specifically

Body typeSLR-like (bridge)
Effective pixels20 megapixels
Sensor typeBSI-CMOS
Focal length (equiv.)24–1200 mm
Max apertureF2.8–6.3
Articulated LCDUnknown
Screen size3″
Screen dots921,000
USBUSB 2.0 (480 Mbit/sec)

DSC-HX300 Design: sleek and premium build 

The Sony DSC-HX300 has a nice solid build even though it’s primarily made out of plastic, it has a sleek matte black finish and a metal zoom ring on the lens. 

there are ports on the side of the camera to accommodate a multi interface terminal, and a mini HDMI port to connect to a high-definition TV. 

DSC HX300 Design

and at the bottom we have an SD card slot, our memory card slot as well as an X type battery slot which is ready to give you about 330 shots per charge. 

The Sony DSC-HX300 has a large recess rubber grip making it easy got anyone to hold for periods of time, especially for people with large hands. 

the camera weighs about 650 grams with the battery and memory card inside,

and whilst it’s not the lightest camera on the market, it definitely has that solid premium build to it. 

DSC HX300 Buttons

Zooming is very smooth to turn and has very little resistance,

it also serves as two functions to be either used as a zoom ring or a manual focus ring which is selectable on the side of the lens, and I find that very handy. 

In addition to that you have a mode out on the top, a rocker switch,

a custom button, a jog dial and a very simple button layout for certain functions. 

DSC-HX300 Features: it has 50 times optical zoom 

The Sony DSC-HX300 features a tilting LCD screen, which is very handy for low angle or overhaul shots. The electronic viewfinder is pretty good for a super zoom camera.

but still not as good as say the a9 or even the a58 electronic viewfinders. so this type of camera it’s adequate.

navigating through the menu is simple and charging settings is very quick and easy and if you ever need help on how to use your camera,

you can always use the built in guide by pressing the question make button on the camera. 

I also have a tutorial on how to use tSony DSC-HX300. there are some dedicated buttons as well as a custom button which allows you to assign a specific function without having to dive into the menu too often. 

i know one of the camera’s headline features is of course the 50 times optical zoom and whilst it’s not the first camera to have this feature it’s certainly a good upgrade to have from its predecessor. 

add an optical steadyshot to it and you get some good stabilized images

and footage, but i would still recommend using a tripod if you have shaky hands.

just to give an idea of how close you can get with the 50 times optical zoom. 

There’s a video showing the camera from its wider setting to its maximum zoom. 

Clear em resume which allows you to digitally zoom in up to 100 times with the same resolution is a useful feature to have when you feel that the optical zoom just isn’t enough.

In Use

although quality degrades just a bit, it’s still a major improvement over digital zoom where the image becomes too grainy. 

Unfortunately it misses out on its GPS functionality as well as its proximity eye sensor for the viewfinder which I found very useful on the previous model. 

although it’s not a deal-breaker, it would have been good as Sony added to its features instead of taking them away. 

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300

However you do get the usual Sony features built into this camera such as sweet panorama, picture effects, background defocus, jewelry cording and HDR which many people will have a lot to fun with. 

If you’re a person that uses filters, you’ll also be happy to know that this camera has a 55 millimeter filter thread. 

so that means you can attach your converters and filters such as a protective filter or a neutral density filter. 

The Sony DSC-HX300 takes about a second and a half from powering up to taking a photo, and about the same time to power down. 

you can also shoot up to 10 frames per second using high continuous Drive or 2 frames per second if you select low. 

bear in mind if you do use a 10 frames per second shooting mode,

you have to wait quite a while for the buffer to clear until you can start shooting again. 

DSC-HX300 Great Performance, Especially with Autofocus

I’m actually very impressed with the autofocus speed especially at full zoom. 

It’s very quick to focus in bright sunlight and may take less than a second to focus in dark conditions. 

with the assistance of the AF sensor situated on the front of the camera.

The Sony DSC-HX300 uses a new 20 point 4 megapixel sensor and after using the camera for a couple weeks i can say that the camera is very similar to its predecessor the HX200 despite the increase in resolution. 

Accessories for Cyber-shot DSC-HX300/400

low-light performance is good till about ISO 800 and i wouldn’t mind pushing it to ISO 1600,

Although noise does start to creep in and you do begin to lose detail. 

The colours are vibrant and sharp in good lighting conditions, and again I only wish that the camera had roll capture. 

The Sony DSC-HX300 is capable of shooting in Full HD with a selection of frame rates at your disposal.

Active steady shot aids and stabilizing camera and does a very good job at it. given the camera has a very long zoom. 

The inbuilt mics do a decent job at capturing sound and video quality from this type of camera is excellent given Sony’s expertise in its video division.


The Sony DSC-HX300 is certainly a great camera with an impressive amount of zoom that delivers some decent images, especially in low-light situations. 

People who are updating or just buying their first super zoom camera may be a bit disappointed

with the omission of a few features by today’s standards such as WiFi, GPS, roll capture.

but it’s not all bad news as the camera is very fast to focus even at full zoom and has a solid grip to make holding the camera accountable for long periods. 

The Sony DSC-HX300 also has a ton of features such as sweet panorama,

HDR and picture effects to cater for nearly anyone’s photographic needs.


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