Sony HT-X8500 Soundbar
Image Credit: Sony
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Sony HT-X8500 offers amazing and spacious audio performance, with beautiful sound processing, and is compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS: X compliant.

Sony HT-X8500: Fast Talk

The new Sony HT-X8500 uses advanced DSP audio processing to compensate for the lack of dedicated drivers,

and it also comes with Dolby Atmos that relies on height information to create an immersive audio system.

And it comes at a price of $ 299, £ 350, AU $ 599 and has been in the market for two years but still deserves a place there in 2021.

There are several alternatives to the Sony HT-X8500, for example the Sonos Beam is a decent alternative if you do not want Dolby Atmos support, as it delivers great sound with a wide range.

There is also the Sonos Beam, which offers a compact, high-performance similarly, combines music with dynamic performance, and can work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

There’s also the Panasonic SC-HTB900 which has a 3.1 Technics-tuned system

that relies on acoustic treatment to compensate for the lack of drivers, but it comes with a separate subwoofer.


  • Compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS: X.
  • Compact all-in-one form factor
  • Integrated subwoofer
  • Easy to install and use
  • Great value


  • No drivers
  • Unable for high-res audio
  • Feature set stripped

Sony HT-X8500: Compact Design 

The Sony HT-X8500 has a compact and elegant design. It is a standalone sound system, as it includes no separate wireless subwoofer, nor unnecessary wireless surround speakers, it is just a unique smart speaker designed to fit almost any place in your home and not Run any exaggerated hash.

Instead of a separate subwoofer, the Sony HT-X8500 has a built-in amplifier,

but this does not affect its thinness at all, as it has a width of 89 cm, and is suitable for all televisions between 49 and 55 inches.

Sony HT-X8500 Design
Image Credit: Amazon

It has a very elegant design, with the front array being protected by a smart rolled mesh, and metallic gray trim is interesting.

On the top are touch-sensitive buttons for controlling power, selecting input, volume, and Bluetooth pairing.

Sony HT-X8500 ports
HT-X8500 ports

In terms of connection ports, there are only two HDMIs, one input and the other an output with eARC, and there is also an optical digital audio input, and one of the great features is that the HDMI panel is 4K compatible with Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG.

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Sony HT-X8500: Features , Remote Control

Sony HT-X8500 has great advantages, for example, the amplifier connects via LEDs, which indicate Dolby Atmos and DTS-X sources, as well as well-chosen inputs, which is very cool.

The Sony HT-X8500 is powered by a remote control, which comes with a slim finger design, which, along with the processing modes, is given prominence for all the different sound settings.

Sony HT-X8500 Remote

The Sony HT-X8500 is an easy system to live with, as it does not rely on reflected sound to create virtual surround effects,

so you can simply place it in front of a TV or mount it on a wall. There is no need for calibration.

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Very Impressive Performance

As for the performance of the Sony HT-X8500 amplifier, it is great as it delivers convincingly cinematic sound, thanks to Sony’s proprietary vertical sound engine.

Both Dolby Atmos and DTS: X content create a compelling illusion of wraparound sound that allows Dolby Atmos movies to play with a clear sense of expanded height and width, giving you extremely impressive results for a great viewing experience.

Sony HT-X8500 Performance

Another great feature of the Vertical S is that not only does the Vertical S work with immersive codecs, but you can also use it as a two-channel upload mixer and conventional 5.1 audio sources as well.

As we said, the Sony HT-X8500 has an internal subwoofer which is considered all-in-one,

as it comes with a bass response of up to 50Hz, but some may find even the balance of the front-facing dual speakers a bit violent at times.

Although the Sony HT-X8500 approaches a sound range similar to Atmos 7.1.2,

it doesn’t produce a compelling loud sound on the same lines as the 7.1.4 system, but it nonetheless creates a loud sound space.

And when we did some tests, we notice that there wasn’t much difference

between the mix of the original 3D movies and advanced channel codecs like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA.

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In the end, we can say that the Sony HT-X8500 amplifier is very impressive, given that Dolby Atmos compatible speakers

usually sell for double the price, but the Sony HT-X8500 comes in a low cost, with great connectivity and great features.

So if you want a home theater sound system that doesn’t cling to your budget,

the Sony HT-X8500 is the best choice coming this year.

Soundbar Buying Link Price Store
Sony HT-X8500 Check Price $350 Amazon


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