Sony introduced a new, unorthodox product that combines a large wireless speaker and a TV remote control

 The device allows users to listen to TV content no matter where they are at home.

Sony SRS-LSR200’s built-in control buttons eliminate the need to carry the remote control alongside the speaker.

The device will be especially useful for the elderly.

The new Sony SRS-LSR200 is a convenient way to listen to TV when you’re not close to it.

Maybe you should get away from your only TV at home,

 But you don’t want to miss everything that happens on the screen,

 You can connect the speaker to the TV and carry it wherever you go.

The remote control allows to adjust the TV even if it is in a different room; there is a huge knob to adjust the TV volume,

For example

 The remote also contains the number keys for entering the specific channel you want,

Channel buttons to switch up and down through stations, and more.

The built-in remote control enables the user to adjust the TV even if they’re in a different room; there’s a huge knob for adjusting the TV’s volume, for example. The remote also has number keys for entering the specific channel you want, channel buttons for toggling up and down through the stations, and more.

Each speaker built into the product is tilted upward slightly, ensuring the audio is directed at the user from the speaker’s position on a table or desk.

The speaker includes 2.4GHz wireless connectivity; the TV’s audio can come out the portable speaker and its own built-in speakers so that people in two different rooms can hear the content.


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