SoundMagic HP1000
SoundMagic HP1000

SoundMagic HP1000 headphones are a little different product from a brand that is usually usual

SoundMagic believes they have created a closed background headphone design that produces an open, open audio image.


  • Open and wide sound
  • Good construction
  • Comfortable fit


  • No dynamic or rhythmic
  • Doesn’t listen or involves listening

SoundMagic HP1000 Features

  • Drivers: 53mm neodymium iron boron magnetic coil
  • Impedance: 66 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 120dB
  • Frequency range: 10-30kHz
  • Largest input: 100mW
  • Cable length: 1.2m
  • Weight: 412g
  • Connectors: 3.5mm gold plated and proprietary detachable system

SoundMagic HP1000 Design

SoundMagic HP1000 Design

The SoundMagic HP1000 are robustly from a mixture of aluminium and sheepskin. 

why soundmagic deems full leather adequate for the ear pads, but not for the scarf is questionable. 

regardless of these peculiar choices, there’s no arguing with the HP 1000s’ build. 

the scarf adjust sturdily and quietly_ the machine headband stops are a pleasant indication of just how well the Sound Magics are put together. 

the hinges on the ear cups allow smooth 180-degree articulation, the HP 1000 don’t fold, aside from this flattening of the direction of the ear cups. 

they look heavier than their 412g weight, and therefore the gratifying heft of their construction somehow makes them seem heavier than that too,

but the HP 1000s are often worn comfortable for hours at a time. 

As long as you don’t mind your ears being completely swallowed up, of course. 

SoundMagic HP1000 Cables and connection

SoundMagic HP1000 Cable

feature detachable cables that run from each earcup_ they’re fitted using bespoke, gold-plated connectors. 

the cables are quite bulky but nicely rubberized and pleasingly immune to tangling and converge into one cable but a meter from the headphones.

from there the cable terminates during a 3.5mm plug again, gold-plated. 

there’s a 3m-extension cable included within the package, just in case you fancy performing some static listening, and a 3.5mm-to-6.3mm adapter for an equivalent purpose. 

the headphones, also as their various cables and adapters, are often stored in their sizable hard case. 

The Sound

When the SoundMagic HP1000 is considered a closed design, the presentation is remarkably open and broad.

As it gives a lot of width and depth to the vocal stage it creates – in this regard, its frankness is impressive.

SoundMagics puts every useful room with complete confidence as its advantage of disconnecting and placement is completely convincing.

Since there is a reasonable 3D aspect of the way the SoundMagic HP1000 describes the recording, but it is by no means specific to a closed rear configuration like this, until large drives are filled with larger ear covers.

SoundMagics also offers low punches in the same song with a reasonable selection, although they are extremely soft around the edges and have no kind of positivity.

The Capability

sound is delivered be a few of 53mm full-range drives. 

the diaphragms are of an unspecified composite, with neodymium magnets behind. 

Soundmagic claims a frequency response of 10Hz to 30Hz, which is whale-song deep to dog-whistle high. 

when you consider the 1000s are a closed-back design, their presentation is remarkably open and spacious. 

they provide tons of width and depth to the soundstage they generate during this respect, they’re like an open-backed design, which is impressive. 

the SoundMagics lay each instrumental strand out with complete confidence_ separation and placement are completely convincing.

there’s a fairly three-dimensional aspect to the way the HP 1000s describe a recording, which is by no means a given during a closed-back configuration like this, even one packing big drives inside even bigger ear cups.

The Performance

Tonally, too, the SoundMagics gives a reasonably good account of themselves. 

the low frequencies within the same song punch with reasonable determination.

although they’re quite a soft around the edges and don’t have the type of positivity or definition which will make a rhythm sound sure of itself. 

they might conceivably do with greater extension, too, which may be a bit surprising given SoundMagic’s suggestion of a 10Hz frequency response. 

at the other end of the size, the HP 1000s want for nothing in terms of treble expression or detail, but there’s just a touch of trouble lurking here too. 

smooth and well-produced recordings enjoy the crisp attack the SoundMagics generate, but anything less accommodating can provoke some high-end spitting and fizzing. 

it almost goes without saying that the flaming lips fall under the latter category.


In theory, the HP1000s are much better in practice. A relatively affordable pair of full-sized, closed and closed-to-ear headphones, which have as much room for their voice as the open-back pair is a great idea, but there are more good headphones more than that.

 The HP 1000 series doesn’t have enough of everything else.



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