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And here comes the role of Monitor Riser. Not only that but also, You may likewise have a remote charging cushion to charge your cell phone while your work.

Contingent upon your work or play arrangement, you’ll probably need to get a screen riser to remain to raise your screen to a legitimate stature.

Be that as it may, the more things you add to your work area, the less room you need to work. Monitor Riser Specification

Worksurface:23.6 x 9.8 in
Weight capacity of the work surface:33.2lb
Adjustable height settings: 3.3 in or 4.6 in
Open storage width:21 in
Cable management:Yes
Power source:AC Adapter
Input voltage:100 – 240 AC
Output voltage:12V 2A
Materials:MDF and plastic
Dimensions:9.8 x 23.6 x 3.3-4.6 in
Weight:4.2 lb
Warranty:2 years


Once gathered, the Monitor Riser Stand with Wireless Charging Pad appears as though your regular widescreen stand.

The principle surface is made from MDF and is covered with a dark completion.

The logo is in the lower directly with the 15W Qi quick charge charging cushion situated in the upper right corner. Monitor Riser Design

The functioning surface itself is 23.6″ wide, 9.8″ profound, and 1/2″ thick. The corners and edges are well adjusted so as not to get on to anything. 

The legs are built from dark plastic. They comprise a rectangular piece with an emptied-out center and two customizable pieces at the front and back.

Two elastic-like cushions sit on the lower part of every leg close to the front and back to add a grasp. And forestall scratches on your work area.

On the underside of the work surface is a short line. With a female attachment that interfaces with the male fitting of the AC connector. 

Screen riser design

While the screen riser doesn’t look awful, as I would see it, there are several plan blemishes. To start with, you can just change the tallness by dismantling the riser.

Ordinarily, this is certainly not a major issue, however, there might be examples when you need to change the stature. Second, the position of the Qi remote charging cushion isn’t ideal.

I gave various screens a shot it and some covered the remain with the screen legs. While others made it somewhat difficult to get to. That, however, you can’t see your telephone screen when it’s put on the stand.

I would have gotten a kick out of the chance to see the charging cushion focused towards the front of the functioning surface.

Which, I concede, will not work with screens that have a rectangular or round stand. Maybe two varieties of screen riser would oblige more screens.

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Gathering the Monitor Riser Stand with Wireless Charging Pad is really straightforward. In the first place, be that as it may, you’ll need to choose ahead of time assuming you need the lower 3.3 inches or higher 4.6 creeps in extra stature.

Ease of Use

To utilize the lower stature. Just push the circle stubs on the highest point of the screen legs into the comparing openings on the lower part of the functioning surface. 

Assuming you need to utilize the higher tallness setting. The directions weren’t actually clear on the most proficient method to expand the legs.

Right away, I ended up pulling at them, thinking they slid upwards. Following a moment or somewhere in the vicinity.

I understood that they turn out and up, securing into place in the higher position. When I bumbled my direction through that, I had the option to complete the get-together without any issues. 

After the screen stand is gathered. Place it around your work area, interface the force connector to the link under the stand. And fitting it into a divider outlet. Put your screen on top and you ought to be a great idea to go! Monitor Riser Verdict

The Monitor Riser Stand with Wireless Charging Pad functions admirably enough. With a few plan changes and upgrades.

It would go from being an o.k. screen riser with remote charging to an incredible one.

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