Status Between Pro
Status Between Pro

The Status Between Pro earbuds feature a very comfortable design for long hours of wear, plus the sound quality is very good.

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The Status Between Pro earbuds are among the most comfortable wireless earbuds we have ever used, and they provide you with amazing comfort with prolonged wear, although their unusual rectangular design looks strange at first glance, it has proven quite heavy in the ear.

Another great feature of these buds is their large size that allows for a more spacious battery, providing you with a battery life that lasts about 12 hours in the earbuds themselves and another 36 hours in the charging case for a total of 48 hours of playback.

One of the important things that must be present in any bud then is the sound quality, as you will not be able to enjoy it if it sounds like a burp fed through a harvester, and the sound quality in Status Between Pro is also strong, as it has a warmth for the presentation, and the bass level is smooth. Extremely, which adds some oomph.

The Status Between Pro earbuds come at a very reasonable price considering the advantages it offers,

as it is price at $ 169 / £ 120, which is a great price given the sound quality, fit, and very long battery life.

But if you are looking for slightly cheaper alternatives, you can look to Lypertek PurePlay Z3 for as little as $ 100 / £ 100 money.


  • Excellent comfort and design
  • Strong battery life
  • Warm and detailed sound


  • Almost very fast to call
  • No noise cancellation

Status Between Pro Design: Amazing comfortable and well weighted

Among the signs that distinguish Status Between Pro earbuds are their great fit, despite their somewhat strange shape, as they look a lot like small USB drives with buds attach to your ears.

They are about an inch and a half wide, and are two-tone – half black and half silver, with a box-style charging case in black.

Status Between Pro Earbuds design

The box comes with a larger surface area to play with compared to other wireless earbuds, and also the large size provides room for the battery, or two microphones for each earbud.

And for the perfect fit, Status Between Pro comes with small, medium, and large pairs of silicone eartips, allowing you to customize the fit to the shape and size of your ear.

As for the charging case, it is truly wireless, in which the earbuds sit inside small recesses, magnetically catch the holes and activate their charging connection.

As soon as you lift and remove the cover, they will automatically connect to your device once the initial setup is perform, and opening them again will turn them off and charge them from the battery reserves in the box.

Status Between Pro also comes with an IPX5 waterproof feature, which means the buds easily handle rain splashes or sweaty runs.

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Features: Great Controls, Stable Connection , wonderful Battery Life

For the Status Between Pro controls, the physical buttons it uses are small, slightly raised, and circular in shape,

and sit on the top of each earbud, and you can easily press them for the playback controls by resting your thumb on its base and pressing your finger down,

thanks to the square edges of the headset design Ear, it is simple and effective.

Status Between Pro features

You will be able to play and pause with one click of either button, you can also increase the volume with a double click on the right button, and decrease the volume with a double click on the left.

You can also access the previous tracks by pressing and holding the left button,

and a short press on either side will answer the call, while pressing and holding leads to rejecting the call, and ending the call requires only one click as well.

As for battery life, Status Between Pro has a very impressive battery life, providing approximately 48 hours of playback from a single charge, meaning about 12 hours in the buds and 36 hours in the case, which puts it among the best we’ve seen on The launch.

Status Between Pro has two separate microphones in each bud, one along the base and the top edges of the buds, providing you with a great communication presence, as we were able to hear our conversations clearly.

The Bluetooth 5.2 connection also provides a stable and stable connection,

as the Buds manage to provide a strong connection even when connected to a host device a few rooms and walls away.

Performance: Amazing audio performance

The Status Between Pro earbuds also provide great audio performance, they are among the best true wireless earbuds we test,

providing the warmth and complexity of sound giving an excellent representation of whatever path you throw on,

striking a remarkable balance between excellent bass response with detailed highs and mediums.

Status Between Pro has a 10mm dynamic motor with bass frequencies, allowing it to hit the bass without smothering other audio elements, as well as making the shimmering sounds sit alongside the low-end kick.

During the auditions, we heard the song What Happened to the Heart and enjoyed the warm sound full of delicate details.

Then we moved on to Shame’s Alphabet and were dazzle by the powerful sound and excellent mastery of the claim to the bass and rasterization of fine guitars.

Status Between Pro also helps to better display the detailed separation between lows and highs like the Wu-Tang Clan, where the sub-bass rang rhythmically.

Baraem also has strong codec support across major formats, including AptX, AAC, and SBC.


The Status Between Pro earbuds are a great fit, so comfortable you can wear them for hours without becoming annoying.

It also has a warm, detailed sound, it is beautifully balance, with bass that envelops without detailed, immersive highs.

Status Between Pro also has a solid battery life, providing you with around 12 hours of battery life themselves,

with 48 hours of playback from total combined battery length when the charging case is included.

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