TCL 10L is a budget device coming in at $250, and you can order it on May 19th. 

It’s definitely a budget phone through and through, but it gives you things that most people want from a smartphone.

Just a glance

 Finally, TCL 10L has put its name on a range of mid-range and high-end phones.

We will talk today from the TCL 10L phone, which is considered the middle ground

between Alcatel phones and the 10 Pro phone, and it has many features that distinguish it despite its very low price.

It features a 6.53-inch screen, it is an LCD screen that offers more consistent colors, better contrast, and more accurate detail than some OLED smartphone screens we’ve seen.

TCL 10L also has a modern and elegant design with a touch of pioneering paint, with a hole for the selfie camera and very thin edges.


  • fantastic show
  • Impressive set of cameras
  • Slim frame, good looking


  • Accidental hiccups
  • No telephoto lens
  • No stereo speakers


OSAndroid 10 with TCL UI
Display6.53-inch LCD (2340 x 1080)
CPUSnapdragon 665
Storage64GB, expandable via microSD
Rear cameras48MP (f/1.8) main, 8MP (f/2.2) ultra wide, 2MP (f.2.4) macro, 2MP (f/2.4) depth sensor
Front camera16MP
Battery4,000 mAh
Size6.4 x 3 x 0.33 inches
Weight6.3 ounces
Specifications Table


this looks like a very modern phone at 6.53 inches, and it’s full HD LCD screen. 

there is a hole punch it’s at the top left corner of the screen. and of course the body has a power button volume rockers, but it also has a smart key. 

The colour of the phone that i have is a Marianne blue, it pops looks great under sunlight, but it does get fingerprints like none other, and it’s slippery plastic. 

TCL 10L Display
TCL 10L Display

I mean the fingerprints are probably one of the worst I’ve seen on the back of a plastic phone. 

Now TCL did toss in a case which is a nice touch, but I wish it wasn’t a big advertisement for TUL.

speakers are mono, and they’re very weak and downright embarrassing playing at high levels. 

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The screen is pretty saturated, I wouldn’t say it’s annoying, and there’s also a setting called next vision or NEXT vision which boosts the colors even more and gives you an HDR effect. 

I don’t like it, but luckily it’s something you can turn off, and you can even go into screen settings and change the modes  until you find the one that works best for you. 

so after tweaking it a little bit i found the screen setting that i liked and i was okay with it. 


As for the ports, the TCL 10L has a USB-C port on the bottom and a single speaker on the right, which can pump out decent sound, although there are no one-way limitations.

TCL 10L also has a 3.5 mm headphone jack at the top, which is very suitable for those who like to use wired headphones for listening to movies or when playing games.

Smart Key

The smart key can be programmed to do different tasks.

there’s a number of things you can do, but make sure you set it up to the most not intrusive because i found myself hitting the button on accident all the time. 

adjust the orientation to watch a video, hit the button, and after about 10 days i was still doing that and i was launching Google assistant every single time. 

now you can program this button to do different things, so you can set up a single press, a double press, and even a hold. 

I would say it’s nice to be able to hold the buttons down and have it do an action like maybe Google assistant, or even double tap for the camera to pop up.

Now you can’t program it to open every single app as it’s a list of apps, but it’s still nice that you can at least have some customisation over it. 

there’s a fingerprint scanner on the back which function is pretty good, and face unlock works very fast too. 


On the back of the phone you see a very impressive camera ray, and something like this is found on more expensive phones.

Now you do have four separate cameras starting at 48 megapixel for the wide, 8 megapixel for the ultrawide, and 2 megapixels for the macro and also the depth sensor.

The camera in daylight and in good lighting scenarios works pretty good. 

TCL 10L Back Cameras
TCL 10L Back Cameras

i do think for people and even some objects, the camera was a little overly sharp, leaving some skin.

looking a bit porous or also like you take a picture of a tree outside, and sometimes that tree looks like it’s removed from the background.

it does feel like the image is overly processed. 

The colours were vivid and the image was pretty bright, some say it may be too saturated, but for a smartphone camera I really don’t mind that . 

I will say the macro lens to me just wasn’t great, I just wasn’t able to nail those amazing shots I’ve seen people do online, so it may be just a user error.

but i was not able to get it working the way i would hope for it to work.

Now once things get a little bit darker, I’ll say after golden hour, let’s say 9:00 pm, so the phone starts to struggle. 

there is no night mood, and the flash just sort of blinds the subject and or just gets lost in detail. 

and this is very typical for budget phones especially not having a dedicated night mode.

the front facing camera takes some pretty good photos, but once again without proper lighting, the images start to look flat or even blurry at times. 


now video quality has nothing to be super excited about a shoot at 4k in 1080p. 

but the video just doesn’t look amazing, it’s passable outside, but inside without perfect lighting. 

The video struggles, it’s jumpy, it doesn’t focus great, there’s no optical image stabilization. 

I know it’s a budget phone, so I’m not trying to go too hard on it, but just the video is something I wouldn’t even use at all unless I’m in direct light or outside. 

there’s also no optical image stabilization, so that makes it a little bit tough to do video as well.

Battery Life

i think the battery life is where it should be based. the specs of this phone,

it’s a full day worth of battery life Blanding me around 25% after a normal day. 

and that’s around five of seven hours of screen on time. It’s a lot of heavy usage, intense apps, uploading files to Dropbox, watching videos, podcasts. and even then at the end of the day 25%  charge it overnight, everything was good.


The TCL 10L does come with 64 gigabytes of storage, but it has an SD card slot too, and also 6 gigabytes of RAM.

I would say in real world day-to-day usage the 10 L didn’t feel budget at times, i could do things like tik tok, and even some gaming without thinking about it. 

i mean even some decent web browsing and chatting and switching better apps, it just felt very good, but then out of nowhere doing some basic things like opening a text message or loading a web page. 

now you start to see some stuttering and lagging which is kind of confusing that

you see it in some easy tasks, but it runs well in hard tasks, it’s quite annoying. 

hopefully that can be fixed with software updates, because i think it’s more of a software thing than a hardware thing.

The skin feels very close to stock android, and they added features

that are pretty bad like a smart manager this is like a task manager.

you’ll see on Windows but it also allows for a hidden folder which is definitely a nice touch. 

and there’s a lot of nice little software things sprinkled into this phone, which I think makes it okay, it’s not annoying at all.

Our Verdict

Overall for $250 this is a solid phone, it’s not a game charger

since right now the budget lineup has never been this competitive for $50 more

then you’re in the territory for the Moto G stylus and overall that might be a better phone. 

Plus moto has a better track record when it comes to phones as well. i just personally don’t know how this phone will age. There’s a promise for an update but when will that update come and all those things like that.



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