TCL enters the world of smartphones
TCL enters the world of smartphones

TCL-The Chinese electronics maker TCL decided to enter the world of smartphones with its own name in 2020 to fight big companies like Samsung and Huawei

 And through the announcement of three new phones running Android operating system and carrying its own brand, namely TCL 10 Pro, TCL 10L and TCL 10 5G.

TCL manufactures 4K TVs with Roku, routers, pet trackers with GPS and tablets

 It also manufactures branded Alcatel smartphones, Android BlackBerry phones, and even the tiny Palm phone.

The TCL 10 series consists of 10 Pro, 10L and 10 5G,

these smartphones are expected to reach the global markets later this year.

 The devices feature screens manufactured by the company’s television division, with NXTVISION screen optimization technology.

While the 10 5G and 10L phones feature a flat screen, the 10 Pro is the only one that comes with a curved AMOLED screen, and each phone has a side button that can be customized for three different actions,

unlike Samsung’s Bixby button, and there is also a dedicated drawer that can Open it on the screen, which appears with a quick tap.

Shane Lee, general manager of TCL Global Product Center

 Communications: TCL-branded smartphones and mobile devices are an important focal point for the company’s largest ecosystem, and with these powerful devices, we feel ready to compete in any market around the world.

TCL 10 5G

The 10 5G is the first smartphone from the company to support 5G networks, and is powered by one of the latest processors from Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 7 series (presumably Snapdragon 765G).

Installed on the back, a quad-lens rear camera and dual LED flash, the company hinted that the price of the device would be under $ 500.

TCL 10 Pro

10 Pro is similar to the 10 5G model but with a different type of screen, as the device includes a sophisticated AMOLED screen curved at the edges and equipped with a small protrusion of the front camera, and the company claims that the phone screen level up to the level of their TV sets, thanks to a dedicated controller that can convert SDR to HDR video.

The price of the device may be less than $ 500, but it features an elegant design closer to the Galaxy S10 than the OnePlus 7 Pro, and the phone has a built-in fingerprint sensor under the screen, four back cameras and a traditional headphone port.


The 10L is the least-spec phone in the kit, although it has a quad-lens rear camera and a fingerprint reader installed on the back. It also has a perforated screen for the front camera, and it features a back-glass reflective design.

The company moved away from providing any specifications for the new lineup, although it revealed these devices during the CES 2020 exhibition.

 However, the phone manufacturer plans to launch it officially during the MWC 2020 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February.


It’s a big moment for the company, but it’s also potentially a big moment for Android. TCL’s entry represents a big brand aiming to bring much higher-quality phones into the sub-$500 categories. TCL is also once again teasing a folding phone,

though it’s still very much in the prototype phase.

If you’ve heard of TCL, it’s probably because you’re familiar with its Roku-powered 4K TVs, which are among our favorite on the market today because they’re good quality for an inexpensive price.

But TCL has been a white label for other phones you may have heard of: cheap Alcatel phones sold by various carriers, BlackBerry Android phones, and even the tiny little Palm phone.

TCL will keep making all of that stuff along with TVs, routers, GPS-enabled pet trackers, tablets, and virtually every other category of gadget you can think of (outside of laptops). But in introducing its own branded phones and promising to sell them globally


The company tells me that it will provide more details at Mobile World Congress next month.

We were able to glean some spec details in our time with the phones, but the company is staying tight-lipped about many specifics. The 10 Pro, in particular,

will have a screen that the company claims will live up to its televisions, thanks to a custom hardware controller.


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