Technics EAH-AZ60 Earbuds
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The Technics EAH-AZ60 Seeks to provide you with the best sound experience, even in noisy environments. Not only because of its special technology “Just My Voice” but also because of the astonishing ANC ( noise cancellation). High resolution sound and accompanied with transparency mode.


When it comes to the design of the Technics EAH-AZ60, it looks like a droplet and weighs almost 8 grams. Such design gives it a secure hold, the outer part of the body is way more compact than the EAH-AZ70W. On the other hand this new design is very comfortable. Most of all prevent slipping off your ears especially while doing exercises.

The weight appropriation has additionally been moved towards the inner part of the ear. Which makes wearing these headphones for longer periods way more comfortable.

Technics EAH-AZ60 Earbuds design
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the Technics EAH-AZ60 comes With seven sets of silicone ear molds from XS to XL. Which covers a wide range. This means every one will get size that will fit him/her the most. 

The EAH-AZ60 headphones are waterproof with IP score of IPX4 and which gives more trust to the product during exercises. Yet the charging case isn’t waterproof so be cautious while using.

Technics EAH-AZ60 Controllers

The Technics EAH-AZ60 are completely controllable through the touch surfaces. You can play and stop music, active or deactivate noise cancellation, increase/decrease volume or even shift it to transparency mode. 

The application for iOS and Android “Technics Audio Connect”. Can help you with adjusting the orders of the touch sensors as it can be separately changed. Equalizers are accessible in the application, transparency mode and noise cancellation can likewise be set from it.

Also, updates are easy, if you lose earbuds it is easily discoverable using a sign tone. as well as the language.

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JustMyVoice technology

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This uses eight receivers on each side of the earphones to guarantee great conversations. Two implicit MEMS receivers effectively get your voice. With the assistance of beamforming innovation, which aims at the user’s mouth.

This is the place where the JustMyVoice innovation comes handy. To eliminate the surrounding voice and makes you enjoy your conversation clearly.

In environmental factors with this great noise cancellation. The individual on the opposite side of the call experiences less difficulty understanding you as of the noise cancellation. 

The other part heard my voice with a kind of delay for couple of seconds. The fact that the calculations need time to process both the designed sound and the meddling noise. Truly, this innovation doesn’t perform marvels, and one couldn’t guarantee that all foundation noise has totally vanished. In other words, “JustMyVoice” does a generally excellent job. 

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Technics EAH-AZ60 comes with Bluetooth 5.2 which makes paring very easy and convenient.

When you remove the earbuds from the charging case. They flashes on blue and red showing you that they are connecting.

These True Wireless earbuds likewise support multi-point associations. This implies that you can connect the Technics EAH-AZ60 with up to two Bluetooth players at the same moment. 

you can use each earbud spartanly. In the event that one headphone stays in the charging case. to charge while the other piece plays music or receiving calls.

At the point when the earbuds is out from the charging case. Both sync with one another again and play music. 

The Bluetooth association was fairly vulnerable to obstruction in my first tests. Trying it in the closed rooms. the signal cuts after 10 meters. While in open spaces, the cutting of signal happens after 24 meters.

When I had hold my iPhone 8 once more. In any case, playing out a reestablished matching fixed this. I might dare to dream that Technics will actually want to fix this early stage struggle with an update.


The Technics EAH-AZ60 depends on SBC, AAC and LDAC. In principle, the last gives a goal of 24 bit and 96 kHz and requires comparing players. Mac clients need to manage without LDAC on the grounds that Macs, iPads and iPhones don’t uphold this codec. The AAC codec usage here.

In the event that you use Android cell phones and tablets, check in the framework settings whether they support LDAC. For instance, my Google Pixel 3a, which is as of now not shiny new, is LDAC-able.

Battery life

battery life depends on several aspects such as, whether codec is active. The EAH-AZ60s run for between 7.5 hours when the ANC is off. 4.5 hours when LDAC and ANC are on. The charging case stretches out playback to a limit of 25 hours. When AAC is in use and noise cancellation is on.

Because of the quick charging choice. 15 minutes of power is sufficient for as long as 80 minutes of extra playing time. In the event that the earbuds and the charging case are in full battery simultaneously, this takes almost 3.5 hours.


Technics EAH-AZ60 Earbuds great sound experience
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The way that Technics can make great sound, has effectively been demonstrated. The Technics EAH-AZ60s uses 8mm drivers, which guarantee amazing, room-filling sound.

To allow bass and mid-reach to grow completely. The wind flow in the acoustic chamber is unmanageable so that upsetting stream noises don’t make the sound springy.

Along with an adjusted harmonizer as indicated by the maker. The firm and simultaneously low-reverberation bio cellulose film of the drivers. Tragically, the maker doesn’t uncover the recurrence scope of the Technics EAH-AZ60.

During my test the bass range was very powerful and solid. Mids. are rarely annoying, yet voices are very clear. You will not track down any annoying cutting. 

The highs appear to be at a certain degree oversensitive without harshness.

Noise cancellation (ANC) 

As per the maker’s review. Complex Dual Hybrid Noise Cancelling innovation should be among the best dynamic noise cancellation frameworks available. 

A mix of feedforward and feedback noise cancellation, including advanced and simple sign handling, clears surrounding noise. The feedforward innovation distinguishes all sounds outside the earphones using the inherent receivers. In the wake of examining them, it then, at that point. Creates an antiphase signal that becomes dull in the ambient noise.

However, in this regard, the Technics EAH-AZ60 is comparable to others like Panasonic RZ-S500W and Technics EAH-AZ70W.

I wouldn’t prefer to say whether its noise cancellation is the most incredible in the business. However it is good among other products of the same price range.

Transparency mode

Nobody likes to miss good news or even important announcements. The Technics EAH-AZ60, by default, offers a decision of two modes. Making it conceivable to hear sounds from your environmental factors. While your music keep playing. 

The “Transparent” mode catches all surrounding sounds over a wide frequency response. When paying attention to music or chatting on the telephone. All sounds are permitted to keep on going through, which is especially significant in street traffic.

Technics EAH-AZ60 Vs EAH-AZ40

While the EAH-AZ60 accompanies 8mm drivers, the more modest Technics EAH-AZ40 accompanies 6mm drivers. The EAH-AZ40s need crossover noise cancellation and the high-goal Bluetooth codec LDAC.

The less expensive AZ-40s are marginally lighter. Offering longer battery life, however just have four sets of earpieces rather than 7.

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