Tegic BLOCK 30 Powerbank Review
(Image credit: tegic.design)
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Today we will talk about Tegic BLOCK 30, Power banks have worked rapidly in the course of recent years. As we presently have power banks equipped for yielding 30W of Power Delivery. While having the size of a 5,000mAh or 10,000mAh power bank.

To add to the headway of charging power and more modest structure factors. The style of compact chargers has likewise changed the most. Having some plan prompt that makes them look exceptional.

In this survey, we’re investigating this TEGIC BLOCK 30 Power Delivery power bank; this charger has a conspicuous plan that shows the inward hardware of the charger, something no other power bank highlights.

It additionally has amazing PD charging while at the same time being a similar size as a cell phone.


Model  BLOCK 30
Cell Type Lithium Polymer Battery
Battery capacity10000mAh
Protocol• USB-C Protocol: PD3.0 QC3.0• USB-A Protocol: QC3.0 FCP SCP AFC
Input/output• USB-C input:5V-3A 9V-3A 12V-2.5A 15V-2A(30W Max) • USB-C output:5V-3A 9V-3A 12V-2.25A 15V-1.8A 20V-1.35A(30W Max) • USB-A output:5V-4.5A 9V-3A 12V-2.5A(18W Max)
Dimensions136mm x 66mm x16mm


  • Perspective Circuit Design (Circuit board is clearly shown under the tempered glass)
  • Aluminum Alloy Design (Neat diamond chamfer cut)
  • 30W Fast Charging for Input and Output (Support PD, QC to fast charge devices including itself)
  • Small Volume (Perfectly fits in your plam of hands)
  • ECO Packaging Design (Degradable packaging box)

Tegic BLOCK 30 Design

Tegic BLOCK 30 Powerbank design
(Image credit: tegic.design)

At the point when the Tegic BLOCK 30 power bank showed up. I removed it from the transportation box, the principal thing I saw was the paper clamshell bundling it was in. Ivory in shading, a basic dark sticker held it shut.

From the start, I thought it was somewhat modest-looking however at that point understood that the organization is attempting to do its part for the climate by utilizing degradable bundling.

Opening up the crate. I have welcomed to the power bank settled cozily inside. And the smooth look of the power bank really took a gander at home in the bundling.

Material and structure

The side and top of the power bank are made of Aluminum Alloy. While the lower part of the power bank is made of an elastic material; this gives more hold to the power bank. It really feels premium.

In case you’re working with regards to the Tempered glass potentially breaking, don’t be. The main way that it’s breaking is in case you’re purposefully hitting it with a mallet. Or on the other hand in the event that it falls on a hard deck from high tallness; both of those activities would break any power bank.

Size and weight

The Tegic BLOCK 30 power bank isn’t enormous. It has a length of 5.3 inches, a width of 2.5 inches, and a thickness of 0.6 inches. The heaviness of the charger is 8 ounces, so it has a touch of weight, however, it’s not weighty. The charger is a similar size to a cell phone.


Comes with the Tegic BLOCK power bank is a link USB-C to USB-A link. That can be transformed into a USB-C to USB-C link on the grounds. That the USB-A port of the link can fall off and uncovers a USB-C connector. Consequently transforming the link into USB-C to USB-C. This permits you to utilize the two ports directly out of the crate on this power bank. 

The two ports on his power bank are on a similar side. And there’s a power button that you can press to check the power capacity level, and charging consequently begins. The most prominent piece of the TEGIC power bank configuration is the Tempered Glass window that shows the charger’s hardware. 

You can see the power capacity pointers through the window. And there’s additionally an Orange LED that turns on when you’re utilizing quick charging. We’ve never seen a power manage an account with such a plan that allows you to see within it. However, we’re happy that TEGIC is quick to deliver a power bank that looks staggering as this one.

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Power Performance

Tegic BLOCK 30 Smart charging mode
(Image credit: Amazon)

While there are 60W chargers out there. The 30W yield of the Tegic BLOCK 30 is a lot for most cell phones. Also, it upholds power conveyance with the goal that you can be charging it through the USB-C port. And utilizing one more gadget associated with the USB-A port. When tried with a USB-C voltage meter, the power bank put out the normal levels dependent on the gadget. Once charging was finished, the power bank didn’t shut down yet kept stream charging the associated gadget.

Power capacity

The Power Capacity of this TEGIC power bank isn’t anything excessively great as it has a 10,000mAh power capacity. So you will average around two full charges for some cell phones. Or you might just get a solitary full charge for certain telephones; that is since. In such a case that you’re utilizing quick charging. Then, at that point, the transformation of power is less effective. And you end up with less power really to utilize. The bundling says that assuming you’re utilizing 5V/2.0A yield, the appraised capacity is 6,500mAh. 

Thus, on the off chance that you’re utilizing quick charging like Power Delivery or Quick Charge. You will wind up utilizing about a 5,000mAh power capacity from this power bank. 

Nowadays, most present-day telephones have enormous batteries, take, for instance. The Samsung Galaxy S21 with its 5,000mAh battery, or the Galaxy Note 20 with a 4,300mAh battery. And the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 3,687mAh battery. This TEGIC power bank can get these telephones to full power in some measure once. Yet the charger won’t have a lot of power left finished if by any means. 

All things considered. This is certifiably not something terrible. As for recharging, current telephones to full power gives you another entire day’s utilization. And this full recharge can length into the following day. 

Accusing PCs of this power bank is conceivable, as well, as the power bank has an incredible USB-C PD port. You can verge on charging a PC to full power. Getting it to really 100% is far-fetched in light of the greater charge rate that you’ll utilize.

Output Charging

Effectively probably the most amazing aspect of this TEGIC power bank is the charging you get from it. The power bank has a 30W USB-C Power Delivery port and an 18W USB-A Quick Charge port. With the USB-A port, we charged a Samsung Galaxy S10. A Quick Charge viable Android telephone, and it had the option to quick charge the Galaxy S10. 

Then, at that point, we switch over to utilizing the USB-C Power Delivery port. And we utilized it to charge a Microsoft Surface Go tablet that can charge by means of USB-C PD. The tablet could charge from 15W to 20W, which is the tablet’s maximum charging speed. 

With a 30W Power Delivery charge rate, you’re likewise ready to charge many USB-C workstations like Macbooks and Chromebooks; notwithstanding, that is the place where we’d take a stand. Numerous USB-C workstations available require higher PD charging speeds really to charge from a USB-C port. And we don’t need you to be baffled that this power bank can’t charge your PC since it requires more than 30W to really charge. 

Macbooks and Chromebooks are known to charge effectively regardless PD rate you’re utilizing. So it’s protected to accuse them of this TEGIC power bank.

Input charging

Recharging this TEGIC power bank is similarly just about as great as the yield charging on the grounds that it has 30W information. You need to utilize a 30W PD divider charger to recharge it at its maximum charging speed, and doing as such will get it to full power rapidly. The power bank doesn’t accompany a divider charger.

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Tegic BLOCK 30 Manual

Like most power banks, the Tegic BLOCK 30 is really easy to utilize. Fitting your gadget into either the USB-C or USB-A port, and it should begin charging. In the event that it doesn’t. You can press the button on the power bank to begin the cycle. However, I didn’t need to with anything I tried it on. While charging your gadget. The LEDs will inhale gradually. And the one on the extreme left will shine strong red to show charging is in measure. The four white LEDs show how much charge is left in the memory bank. While a fifth red one gleams red when under 20% charge is left in the power bank.

Battery Life

The Tegic BLOCK 30 capacity to 10,000mAh of power. Contingent upon your gadget, it will shift with regards to the number of charges you can get. During testing, I had the option to get between 2 1/2 to 3 full charges relying upon the battery capacity of the cell phone or tablet I was charging.

At the point when drained, the power bank required a couple of hours to recharge, attracting somewhere in the range of 22 and 28W of power during the interaction.


The Tegic BLOCK 30 is truly reliable in case you’re hoping to quick charge your cell phone any place you are, and you have a USB-C PC, for example, a Macbook or Chromebook that can likewise be accused of this TEGIC power bank.

This force bank isn’t intended to be depended on for quite a long time as it just has a 10,000mAh force limit, and it has a 30W Power Delivery charging speed, so it can’t charge all USB-C PD viable workstations. 


The TEGIC power bank is an update that organizations can mess around with the items they make, and it shows with hardware obviously appearing through a window with this force bank. Alongside the plan, you get power from the USB-C port and USB-A port.

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