Tesla - An investment of 5,000 dollars
Tesla - An investment of 5,000 dollars

Tesla-Not much more controversial stock than Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), the electric car manufacturer that has transformed the automotive world since its first public offering in 2010. An investment of $ 5,000 in Tesla

After initially producing a “concept car”,

Tesla moved to the S-Class

an advanced sedan, and the Model X, a luxury SUV. But these achievements are fading compared to the launch of the Model 3, the first Tesla car on the wholesale market to start at just $ 35,000, which was launched in 2017.

  • The Model 3 has the potential to change the game in the automotive industry, as a low-cost car can stimulate massive dependence on EV,

resulting in a virtuous circle in which Tesla makes big savings and increases margins and profits. Next year, the company will introduce Model Y,

an affordable crossover that can match or exceed the success of Model 3. And even more exciting, Tesla plans to unveil its new pickup truck next week on November 21.

Although stocks were barely positive for this year, they have risen by more than 45% over the past three months. The increase came after the third quarter report, which exceeded profit expectations, as well as excitement about new cars that have not yet been released.

Total Tesla revenue from year to date (daily). YCHARTS data.

Of course, Musk and his team don’t think in the short term but in the long term. In the long run, Tesla’s stock was hugely profitable for early investors – even if the company itself is currently not as profitable as it invests in massive growth. So how successful were the first shareholders?

IPO price was low how?

None of these recent successes were confirmed when the company returned to public offering in June 2010. All investors had to continue with that,

and that was a belief in Elon Musk and his team and their vision to create the first new public car company in the United States since 1956. Add more Seriously,

it was an electric car, a concept that many of the major job holders had failed to produce profitably.

In fact, with just over vision,

leading technology, and a serial businessman with a proven track record in leadership,

Tesla shares became public at only $ 17 on June 29, 2010. On the first day of trading, his shares were launched with an increase of over 40 % To $ 23.89. However, even if you are a public investor who did not obtain the IPO price before trading, you can still make a small fortune.

Today, Tesla’s share price is $ 347, just over 20 times the IPO price, and more than 14 times the price at the end of the first trading day. This is the total yield of 1941% and 1,322%, respectively.

If you’ve invested $ 5,000 and are lucky enough to get a $ 17 public offering price, your Tesla share price will be $ 102,050 today. For nine years and four months, the average annual return is 38.3%.

The current controversy looks like much from the past

Of course, Tesla has been controversial for a long time. Till today, many prominent investors like Jim Chanos and David Einhorn are Tesla shares. Musk and Einhorn recently got into a speech war on Twitter,

as Musk mocked Einhorn’s short bet and Einhorn lost Tesla’s sincerity regarding his financial statements. Some of the other skeptics have focused on many of the company’s executive departures.

On the other hand, bull speculators can conclude that a high turnover rate is a result of the culture of workaholic Tesla, which generates comprehensive benefits.

However, the controversy has always followed Tesla,

even when its price was twenty-one from where it is now. As you can see, the short interest in Tesla has transferred about 20% of the total outstanding shares since 2012. An investment of $ 5,000 in Tesla

Good to be optimistic

It is difficult to see exactly where Tesla shares will go from here, as its market value has risen to more than $ 60 billion and few may call it “cheap”. It was also difficult to see the amazing success he had on the market when he returned to the market in 2010.

However, it wasn’t hard to see that Elon Musk was smart and technologically smart, and he had a vision to launch a very worrying product. The pitch in Musk was that Tesla had an incomparable speed of innovation that could survive large, bureaucratic and outdated vacancies. Given the recent results, Tesla seems to have fulfilled that promise.

Of course, exciting growth companies don’t always work (Moveipass, anyone?). However, the lesson for investors

especially young investors

is that speculative speculative growth firms with a high-investment founder and CEO can sometimes pay off, in large measure.

As you can see, as long as you are a good diversifier,

only one “Tesla” returns, if held in the long run,

can offset many other growth investments that are not performing well. Just be sure to make a number of bets and size positions according to the risk tolerance.

Tesla looks good on her way to making history. Although the stock may not generate massive returns during the past nine years,

it will definitely be interesting to watch it.

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