The best headphones and wireless earbuds for iPhone 12
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headphones and earbuds Buying Link Price Store
Beats Flex Check Price $95 Amazon
Sony WH-1000XM4 Check Price $278.00 Amazon
Apple AirPods Pro Check Price - Amazon
Mpow X3 Check Price $59.99 Amazon
Bose QuietComfort Earbuds Check Price $279.00 Amazon

Since the announcement of the new iPhone 12 phones from Apple, we start preparing for wireless earbuds for iPhone 12, because we have been disappointed by the fact that the box no longer includes headphones or any type of headphones.

Hence the need for wireless headphones, as it appears to be a more straightforward option.

Apple, meanwhile, is selling AirPods, AirPods Pro, or Powerbeats Pro from its Beats subsidiary.

But there are also many wireless headphones and earphones that can fulfill your requirement, including some good budget models that are very affordable.

One of the distinguishing features of these wireless headphones is that you have Bluetooth technology, which means that it works with other devices that support Bluetooth technology as well, including smartphones running Android.

So stay tuned, learn more about the best wireless headphones and earphones and choose what is right for you.

Best headphones and wireless earbuds for iPhone 12

Beats Flex wireless earbuds for iPhone 12

Beats Flex wireless earbuds for iPhone 12
Image Credit: Apple


  • reasonable price
  • Fast shipping
  • Auto play / pause


  • The sound is sharp v-shaped
  • Difficult fit without the wings
  • Limited codec support

Design : The Beats Flex earbuds are fairly light (18.6g), have a cord that runs between about 32 inches and wrap around the back of your neck, and come with a few different ear tips.

Features : The wire between the two earphones provides a place to control the volume in the line, a multi-feature button for power on and off and a larger battery, and the charging is done through the USB-C port on the left side of the earphones, it also has a W1 chip with Bluetooth 4.2 technology.

Pairing : It can be paired with an iOS device, by syncing it with Apple ID and iCloud – which generally takes less than a minute, but if you are an Android user, you will have to pair it like a regular pair of Bluetooth earphones.

Sound : The Beats Flex earphones produce a deep V-shaped bass that emphasizes the highs and lows of the sound spectrum, as well as rich bass, but they don’t have a very large sound range for sound.

Battery Life : The earphones have a battery life of about 12 hours, and support fast charging, which can provide an hour and a half of playback after charging for 10 minutes, and this is very tempting.

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Sony WH-1000XM4 wireless earbuds for iPhone 12

Sony WH-1000XM4
Image Credit: Sony


  • Improved noise cancellation
  • DSEE Extreme audio upgrade
  • Multipoint pairing
  • Autoplay / pause and conversation awareness


  • Imperceptible changes in design
  • Not water resistant
  • The call quality is still not perfect
  • Singing can stop the music

Design : The 1000XM3 headphones have a very refined and subtle design, they have a high-quality plastic construction with a soft leather padding, there are two physical power / pair control buttons and a button that toggles through noise canceling modes, plus a 3.5mm aux.

Features : It features Sony QNe1 processor technology that constantly tests ambient sound to adjust the level of noise cancellation, and it also supports noise cancellation that does a great job at mid ranges.

Sound : It features 40mm drivers, giving you a warm, balanced sound that works well to deliver a wide bass range when needed, as well as producing details that can penetrate powerful bass performance.

Also provides two microphones in each earbud to absorb and analyze sound.

Battery Life : It has a great battery life, you will get 30 large hours with noise canceling on and about 38 hours with noise canceling turned off.

Apple AirPods Pro wireless earbuds for iPhone 12

Apple AirPods Pro
Image Credit: Apple


  • Fits nicely with three ear tip options
  • Better sound thanks to improved fit
  • Good active noise cancellation
  • The pressure-sensitive stem is great


  • price
  • Charged via lightning cable
  • The design still looked stupid

Design : The AirPods Pro are so lightweight that you won’t feel like you’re wearing them. There is a “capacitive force sensor” in the trunk, and pressing them activates noise cancellation / transparency mode, or skips and pauses tracks.

And it is IPX4 water resistant – which means you can use it in the rain.

Features : Inside the AirPods Pro is an accelerometer, and on the bud itself an optical sensor, to stop and start playing music.

Sound : These earbuds feature great custom drivers, enhanced bass, “clear and detailed mfp” and adaptive equalizer. On tests, the sounds came through clearly, as the mids are well balanced and rich.

The noise cancellation feature is also great, thanks to the two microphones allowing internal and external sound analysis.

Battery Life : The AirPods Pro charging case will give you more than 24 hours of listening time when fully charged, and the buds themselves give you five hours of listening with noise cancellation.

Mpow X3

Mpow X3
Image Credit: Mpow


  • Well-built design.
  • Comfortable and firm.
  • IPX8 rating.


  • Disappointing ANC.
  • There is no audio assignment.
  • Average battery life.

Design : The design is good, not like the M20 or M8, as the rubber tips that go inside your ears are a bit flimsy, but the charging case is good, with four LED lights under the hood.

Features : The left ear bud allows you to turn the volume down (one click), play / pause (double tap) or rewind a song (three clicks), the control system is great and controlling it is very easy.

The Buds have good connectivity and fast pairing, plus, the call quality in the Mpow X3 is completely sufficient to receive an extended phone call.

Sound : The Mpow X3 ear buds provide balanced and clear sound with supportive bass, so you get both male and female voices clear and detailed.

The ear buds help cancel out background noise and wind well, even if there are high-pitched noises.

Battery Life : The Buds provide an excellent battery life of 5.5 hours with ANC on and around 6.5 hours with ANC off.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds
Image Credit: Amazon


  • Best-in-class ANC
  • Rich and clear sound
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Wireless charging


  • Lacks volume control on board
  • Huge charging case
  • A case can offer more fees

Design : The ear buds have an oversized design, but are very comfortable to wear for hours on end, as they feature fins for a more secure fit.

Features : The Buds only allow iOS users to use the updated Bose Music app to use touch volume control, and there is a Bluetooth button inside, giving you an alternative way to manually pair the devices.

The Buds achieve the most significant amount of passive noise cancellation, blocking almost everything except for high-frequency sounds.

You also have the stable connection between the “buds and the devices we have paired them with, as well as access to the virtual voice assistant available on your device.”

Sound : Bose QuietComfort ear buds feature great sound and great balance of frequencies, Bose’s Active EQ technology automatically boosts bass or treble based on volume levels.

Battery Life : Like the Sony WF-1000XM3, the Buds provide a battery life of up to six hours of listening. It might not sound like much, but there is the fast charging feature that will get 2 hours of listening with 15 minutes on stands.

headphones and earbuds Buying Link Price Store
Beats Flex Check Price $95 Amazon
Sony WH-1000XM4 Check Price $278.00 Amazon
Apple AirPods Pro Check Price - Amazon
Mpow X3 Check Price $59.99 Amazon
Bose QuietComfort Earbuds Check Price $279.00 Amazon



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