The new Apple VR headset turns your 3D fingers into consoles

Apple VR headset – Apple has obtained a patent regarding 3D modeling of fingers to recognize gestures in the air,

and this means that it may be a feature of the upcoming Apple VR headset.

And all the patent details have been published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office,

which has indicated that it is a system capable of creating a 3D model of the fingers for use in navigating in virtual environments.

And that this technology is related to the VR headset project that is rumored by Apple, and this in place of the Apple glasses is under development.

This project validated claims made by various sources that the headset could arrive as early as 2022.

Everything we know about the Apple VR headset

The Apple VR Headset Controller is a pair of “thimble” loops.

It includes finger gestures and optical touch detection, with personal photos showing how the system works.

A project diagram is also available which is a possible setup of the system for creating a 3D model of a fingertip using a combination of cameras and depth sensors.

And that this approach is finger tracking may be new, as the actual result looks similar to the tracking program that we saw in current virtual reality headsets.

To be sure, these patented systems from Apple are in the early stages of development,

but nonetheless offer an interesting glimpse of what to expect from a VR headset.

What do we know?

The details we will provide about Apple’s pioneering virtual reality project are only speculation and wise rumors.

Some rumors have stated that there are dual 8K displays with eye tracking software and LiDAR scanning sensors on the headset.

Wearable tactile controllers will also be available that may complement the 3D modeling program.

We also heard some rumors regarding the price of the VR headset from Apple,

but there is no confirmation of the official number, as the price of the device is likely to reach $ 3000, this is a number confirm by Bloomberg sources.

All in all, Apple’s VR Headset is on its way, you can start saving now to get one.

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