The stranded ship has taken a destination inside Microsoft Flight Simulator in the Suez Canal

The huge cargo ship Ever Given stuck for nearly a week in the Suez Canal, and it attract all the social media and frustrate the teams responsible for its removal,

in addition to the government’s most affected by the closure of the maritime trade route.

But then the ship and its trademark “Evergreen” on its side became very creative, and most importantly,

it became a destination inside Microsoft Flight Simulator, at least for one virtual pilot,

and it seems that he created a model that puts the Earth a ship inside the virtual land of the game, via GeekWire, and this Really amazing!

Some Twitter user Mat Velloso has shared a video from TikTok, originally captured and uploaded by user “donut_enforcement”,

and this clip shows the cargo ship’s flight into a pilot narration and the scene looks very compelling, as the boat sits stuck between the banks of the Suez Canal.

This scene looks shockingly realistic, which is a testament to the quality of editing and rendering of the clip, as well as the challenging visuals of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Of course, the developer Asobo update the game by adding the latest satellite images to include the ship for all players

as there are a lot of these images that taken during the past six days.

As for the sources of the game, its images come from Bing Maps and are not always update in a timely manner.

This means that your game will not contain “given at all” unless you are able to modify it.

As of now, there is currently no set timetable for liberating the ship from this unfortunately curve impasse, so it is definitely possible.

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