The US (FDA) authorized COVID-19 plasma

Finally, after a long wait, the Food and Drug Administration authorized the emergency and urgent use of blood plasma from patients with Covid-19 (Coronavirus) as a basic treatment to confront the outbreak of the disease.

President Donald Trump has publicly pressed the agency to speed up drug and vaccine development.

The agency said in an official statement that the plasma of the recovered should not be the new standard of care for Covid-19.

We hope that it may shorten or reduce the severity of disease in hospitalized patients.

As preliminary research indicated that the plasma of recovered people,

containing antibodies to the emerging coronavirus,

could help improve the survival rate of people in the hospital due to disease.

The agency stated that evidence supporting the decision to allow the use of recovered plasma did not come from strictly standard randomized clinical trials in its fact sheet on convalescence plasma for healthcare workers.

The Food and Drug Administration said in its statement:

“The matter of facilitating the registration of patients in any of the ongoing randomized clinical trials is of utmost importance, in order to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of convalescent COVID-19 plasma.”

Since the beginning of August, the Food and Drug Administration has been planning to issue an emergency permission for plasma,

but has delayed that plan after it had raised many concerns by health officials

that there was no data strong enough to support treatment (plasma).

Data from a large study of recovered plasma also found that patients had a

slightly lower mortality rate if they received the plasma within about three days of their diagnosis.

President Donald Trump said without evidence that the delay was politically motivated,

and that was at a press conference last week, where he says that: “People are dying, and we must agree to it if it is good.”

Receptive plasma is an ancient method for treating various infectious diseases,

as it used since the 1890s to treat diphtheria, an epidemic, smallpox and influenza.

To this day, clinical trials of plasma as a treatment for COVID-19 are ongoing.

Finally, the US Department of Health and Human Services encourages people

who have recovered from COVID-19 (Coronavirus) to donate plasma, through a series of public service announcements.



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