Canvio Flex 2TB
Canvio Flex 2TB


Canvio Flex 2TB

Good Stuff

  • Type-C cable
  • Great value for money
  • 3 years warranty

    Bad Stuff

  • Micro-B USB port
  • no bundled software

    Because Toshiba has done a great job with the Canvio Flex 2TB, it is good in performance and offers two unimportant USPs, is low-priced and includes a 3-year warranty.

    This portable external hard drive is an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable price.

    Fast Talk (Canvio Flex 2TB)

    The Canvio Flex 2TB hard drive is an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable price plus useful features.

    As we know that external hard drives are a hot commodity, we are all looking for speed, moving away from traditional computing and cloud storage everywhere.

    Toshiba has released the Canvio Flex, which is a family of portable external hard drives (i.e. 2.5 inches instead of 3.5 inches).

    It has many features, it is available in 1 TB, 2 TB and 4 TB in silver color, the Canvio Flex 2TB is available at $ 55.99, $ 67.99 and $ 102.99, respectively. The Canvio Flex drive is also classified as specialty storage because it carries a three-year warranty and comes with a Type-C cable.

    Canvio Flex 2TB: Design and features

    The model we have in our hands today in testing is the HDTX120XSCAA, it is the 2 TB model, which is a swamp model without any outstanding design features to talk about; For example, the white plastic box is cover by a silver facade bearing the name of the company Toshiba in white.

    Canvio Flex 2TB Design

    We’ve also noticed a vibrant status light that lights up when transferring data, and there’s also a micro-B USB connector.

    The Canvio Flex 2TB drive is reasonably compact, measures 80 x 111 x 13.5mm and is lightweight (149g).

    It is a 2.5 ”hard drive and comes with two USB cables, one with a Type-A connector and the other with a Type-C connector with the Canvio Flex.

    Canvio Flex 2TB ports
    Canvio Flex 2TB ports

    We also found that the drive inside is the MQ04UBD200, it is not the standard Toshiba L200 series drive, but we believe it is an exact replica of the HDWL120.

    It is a 2 TB internal hard drive, which uses drive-managed SMR technology, has a spin speed of 5400 rpm and has a cache of 128 MB.

    The Canvio Flex 2TB comes with a shock sensor as well as Toshiba proprietary cache and ramp loading technology.

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    Fairly Performance

    The Canvio Flex 2TB drive does not come with any facilities like some of the competitors, there is also no free backup software, no cloud backup services, and no trial version of Adobe Creative Cloud.

    When it comes to sheer performance, the Canvio Flex 2TB performed fairly well and is in line with the rest of the competition, including Toshiba Canvio drives from previous versions. Through tests, it reached about 150MB per second on average, at read / write speeds across our set of benchmarks, which are more than pretty good, but despite that it is still about a third compared to the slowest external hard drives.

    Canvio Flex 2TB performance
    Canvio Flex 2TB performance

    Another advantage is that a 10-gigabyte file was transferred with a respectable average transfer rate of about 80 Mbps, which is considered one of the fastest files we have recorded on an external hard drive.

    We’ve also found that traditional hard drive technology has reached a stable stage in terms of throughput, access time, and absolute speed.

    The Toshiba Canvio Flex gives you a three-year warranty, but if you want a longer than average warranty plus a Type-C connector on one end, there is Western Digital on the classic MyPassport, which is available at a lower price than Amazon.

    And if you want the cheapest portable external hard drive, Seagate has a 2TB flash drive, which costs $ 54.99.


    If you want an affordable, large-capacity portable external hard drive with a long warranty and a Type-C connector, the Canvio Flex fits the bill. It’s reasonably priced, and it’s reasonably built, but unless we like it it uses a Micro-B USB port there isn’t. A real need for him.

    And you can expect to pay $ 230 for an external SSD, which is about 4x more than the Canvio Flex, but still a lot but for many, it’s fully justified by its ruggedness, shock resistance, and increased performance.



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