Totallee Wireless Charger review
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Today we will be reviewing the totallee Wireless Charger. With the rapid technological advances and upgrades happening every day. A lot of devices support wireless charging nowadays.

Even some earbuds such as the Apple airpods pro supports wireless charging. Everyone one now looking for an affordable yet high quality wireless charger. The totallee Wireless Charger is very slim compared to other wireless chargers. The only thing I have against it. It comes with micro USB, not Type C.

Totallee Wireless Charger Specs

Fast Chargingup to 10W
Slim Design 25″
InputDC SV-2A, DC 9N-167A
Output 10W Max. for Samsung75N Max. Tor Apple
LEDstatus indicator
Object DetectionAutomatic
Compatibility with totallee cases (and most other cases)
warranty2-Year Warranty 


Totallee Wireless Charger design
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The design of the Totallee Wireless Charger is very simplistic and thin around 25” when it comes to its design.

Yet when you first look at it you will feel that it’s very luxurious. As on the top of the Totallee Wireless Charger covered with a greyish fabric.

Meanwhile the rest of the device feels very strong as it is almost totally made of aluminum. 

On the bottom of the device you will find a rubber circle acting like a resistance against slippery.

So you don’t have to worry about putting it on a glass.  While looking to the back of the device you will find the charging slop ( micro USB ).

On the front you will find the LED light showing you the status of the device charging.

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Totallee Wireless Charger Performance

Totallee Wireless Charger performance
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Wireless charger performance can change between producers just as gadgets. The totallee should convey up to 10W of quick charging, however that will vary upon your cell phone and how it communicates with the charger. 

I utilized the totallee Wireless Charger with my iPhone XR and had no issues. I ran a test utilizing the Ampere application to check whether I could find out about performance.

While I wouldn’t agree the application is a logical testing strategy, it returned respectable outcomes showing that the charger was conveying 4W of capacity to the iPhone. 

Presently, this isn’t the full 10W the charger is prepared to do, yet some portion of this is the issue of the iPhone.

Be that as it may, we likewise need to consider the Ampere application may not be estimating precisely.

Since I don’t have the appropriate hardware to test, everything I can say is that I felt this charger performed well for what I wanted.


The totallee Wireless Charger offers up to 10W output. Which works perfectly with smartphones either Android or IOS. Most of all doesn’t feel cheap at all from the look of it. Yet I don’t like the micro USB slot and that it doesn’t ship with a USB wall adapter.

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